Nurture in In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

In his "In Cold Blood," Capote raises the possibility of rational order without ever fully endorsing it, often revealing that random and accidental events shape the history of the crime.

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This is true of all Americans and can be seen clearly in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

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In order to do this, one must look into whether the criminals, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, were driven to murder because of nature or nurture(their upbringing).
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Truman Capote's In Cold Blood is an example of how a community reacts to an event which it has never been faced with previously: the seemingly motiveless slaughter of an innocent family.

Capote’s ability to paint a picture out of words was crucial to In Cold Blood.

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His use of imagery throughout In Cold Blood makes the reader feel as though they are really in Kansas, Nevada, Mexico or wherever else Capote chose to put them.

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Even in short excerpt like the one on the left, it is easy to see Capote’s genius in crafting one of his most famous novels, In Cold Blood.

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He states that In Cold Blood, due to its countless revisions, "may never fully disclose its true secrets" in regard to the Clutter murder and aftermath.

Jack De Bellis is too critical in his literary review of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

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Although In Cold Blood is based on fact, Capote has literary license with punctuation, syntax, and the development of the main characters. And the facts are actually straight.

But imagery certainly isn’t the only reason why In Cold Blood stands out from the rest.

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While reading Truman Capote's novel,"In Cold Blood ", I spent more than one night lying awake in my bed, frightened by Capote's presentation of the facts surrounding the murder of an obscure Kansas farmer and three of his family members....

Capote’s style while writing In Cold Blood is definitely the key to what makes it a classic.

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Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood introduces the reader to two men; Richard Eugene Hickock known as Dick throughout the novel, and Perry Edward Smith whose lives of crime are almost identical; although both Perry and Richard come from very humble backgrounds, their childhood particularly their family life, has very li...

"Visions and Revisions: Truman Capote's In Cold Blood." Journal of Modern Literature 7.3 (Sept.

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Truman Capote’s nonfiction novel, In Cold Blood gives the reader an opportunity to see prime examples of how nature and nurture influence one’s character.