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The Stoics persevered and changed their tactics, Holiday says, sometimes to win a war or subdue an enemy. Modern innovators can learn a similar lesson. An obstacle could be a personal crisis in life, a lawsuit, or even a total failure at a start-up--but it could also help you find direction. By pivoting when you meet an obstacle instead of just crumpling by the side of the road, a few erstwhile leaders have found success. And so can you! Here are a few obstacles you might face and how real companies turned the roadblock into an opportunity.

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One of my own take-aways from the book is that an obstacle is just that: it is an impediment that's blocking the road to success. Too many companies try to explain away an obstacle or even turn it into an advantage when it's really just dressing up a pig. Facebook did this early on when users complained about how the social net uses personal information--they explained the obstacle away and said it was for our own good.

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In his about turning obstacles into , respected author and speaker Ryan Holiday uses examples from the (aka, third-century philosophers) who saw an obstacle as something to overcome. In fact, they realized it was actually a signpost: the impediment could, after being moved, initiate and promote success.

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