Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence.

The October Crisis began 5 October 1970 with the kidnapping of James CROSS, the British trade commissioner in Montréal, by members of the (FLQ). It rapidly devolved into the most serious terrorist act carried out on Canadian soil after another official, Minister of Immigration and Minister of Labour , was kidnapped and killed. The crisis shook the career of recently elected Liberal Premier Robert Bourassa, who solicited federal help along with Montréal Mayor Jean Drapeau. This help would lead to the only invocation of the War Measures Act during peacetime in Canadian history.

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The War Measures Act was a federal statute adopted by Parliament in 1914, after the outbreak of the . It gave broad powers to the Canadian government to maintain security and order during war or insurrection. It was used, controversially, during both world wars and also during the 1970 in Quebec. It has since been replaced by the more limited Emergencies Act.

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The War Measures Act gave sweeping emergency powers to the federal , allowing it to govern by decree when it perceived the existence of "war, invasion or insurrection, real or apprehended." It was used to limit the freedom of Canadians in both world wars.

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The War Measures Act was a federal statute adopted by Parliament in 1914, after the outbreak of the First World War. It gave broad powers to the Canadian government to maintain security and order during war or insurrection.

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Quebec Bilingualism
French Canadian culture had generally been ignored outside Quebec

Quebecers began to demand equal treatment

In an attempt not to give Quebec any special status, in 1969, Trudeau passes the languages Act
Separatism in Quebec
Quiet revolution

Did not want to be second class citizens in their own province

Racial groups were formed to secure independence by the late 1960s
About the FLQ
Left- wing nationalist and socialist paramilitary group in Quebec

Regarded as a terrorist organization and responsible for over 160 violent incidents such as the Montreal stock exchange

These incidents resulted in 8 deaths

October Crisis cont...
5 days later, Quebec cabinet minster Pierre Laporte was captured and found dead in the trunk of a car

After Federal consulting they agreed to broadcast the FLQ manifesto and give kidnappers safe passage out of Canada.

The October Crisis ended shortly after the Act was invoked making it a success.

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On 17 October, the body of Pierre Laporte was found in the trunk of a car left near Saint-Hubert airport. In early December 1970, police discovered the cell holding James Cross. The force negotiated his release in return for safe conduct to Cuba for the kidnappers , the best known of whom were Marc Carbonneau and Jacques Lanctôt, and some of their family members. Almost four weeks later, the Chénier cell was located and its members arrested, subsequently to be tried and convicted for kidnapping and murder. Of these, Paul Rose and Francis Simard received the heaviest sentences: life in prison for the death of Laporte. Emergency regulations under the War Measures Act were replaced in November 1970 by similar regulations under the Public Order Temporary Measures Act, which lapsed on 30 April 1971.

Finally, the War Measures Act suspended the civil rights of citizens within a democracy, violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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The October Crisis that occurred in 1970 under the Trudeau government is one such contentious issue: while it may have been supported by some it was highly criticized for damaging human rights in a democratic society.

Smith, Denis.

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On 15 October the Québec government formally requested assistance from the to supplement the local police, and on 16 October the federal government proclaimed the existence of a state of "apprehended insurrection" under the . Under the emergency regulations, the FLQ was outlawed as membership became a criminal act, normal liberties were suspended, and arrests and detentions were authorized without charge. Over 450 persons were detained in Québec, most of whom were eventually released without the laying or hearing of charges.