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Second, online shopping puts you at a disadvantage. You can't see and feel first hand or try for size your purchase. You take the word of the description of the product which is usually cleverly crafted by online stores to make it sound appealing to people. There is no hands-on inspection, nor visual or physical impact for product suitability. Only when it arrives at your address, do you have the opportunity to check the purchases for what it is advertised as. The greatest rip is the inaccurate transactions which could result in no savings or additional expenses to the buyer. this is probably one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping that many people .

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Limitations: By shopping online the consumer loses the ability to assess the quality of products.

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Let us compared online shopping to traditional or conventional shopping. Online shopping, particularly during a festive holiday season, the need to wait in long lines o search from store to store for a particular item. Conventional shopping in the brick and mortar building entails leaving the home to jostle with the traffic, crowds and long queues.

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Some people really enjoy shopping while others hate the whole process of buying things. Those who dislike shopping will try to find ways to find what they want as quickly as possible and then move on to other activities. There are two ways to reduce the amount of traveling that you must do while shopping: visit a mall or order things online. Whether you decide to go to a real store or shop through your computer, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. When you take convenience into account, online shopping is the clear winner. You can pay a “virtual visit” to your favorite store without worrying about the mode of transportation, bus or subway tickets, or parking fees. You do not need to put on nice clothes. You will not need to spend time traveling to the mall, looking for a parking place, or walking from shop to shop.

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First, there is the convenience of being able to shop 24 hours a day for any type of product imaginable. The ability to shop from home allows many people (the elderly, the disabled, young mothers) to still purchase the products and services they need. Then it is more comfortable, doing it in the comfort of your home, instead of running around in the store. Online shopping allows you a shopping time. you can surf the Internet at any time of the day and buy your goods. You can find and buy products from all over the world.

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As we have seen, there are benefits and drawbacks involved both in shopping in a mall and online shopping. It seems more likely though that those who enjoy shopping may prefer to do it in person while those who detest it may be just as happy to shop online.

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First, online shoppers face fraud and security concerns. It has also been widely criticized for being very insecure. Even with the latest security ware, hackers still manage to find a way to steal your data. Online shoppers should first familiarize themselves with online stores and how they protect their data before going on an online shopping spree.