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(4) Tell a Story
Another easy way to be both personal and personable in your personal statement is to start off with an anecdote about yourself that sets up the framework for the rest of the statement. For example, if you are highlighting certain characteristics in your statement, tell an anecdote that demonstrates those characteristics. If you are discussing a defining moment in your life, describe a scene from that experience. A well-told anecdote can immediately capture readers’ attention and draw them into your world. Even if you don’t include an anecdote in the statement, the topic that you choose should, in a sense, “tell a story” about you in a way that captures and keeps the reader’s attention.

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(2) Personalize Your Statement
Most law schools want to see that you have put time and effort into researching why that school is a good fit for you. One of the ways you can demonstrate your due diligence is to include a paragraph (typically at the close of your personal statement) outlining several specific factors that have drawn you to that law school. Be specific. Important considerations to note: (a) Vague statements asserting that a law school is a good fit for you without any supporting evidence or information are useless, so do your research and work on articulating the reasons for your interest in each school. (b) You can review a school’s website to determine what you like about that school, but don’t just regurgitate information from the website. They want to know why that information is relevant to your interests and/or goals. (c) Top-ranked schools (typically, top 5 or so) pretty much know why you would like to attend, so personalization is less important unless there is something that truly differentiates that school from others to you. (d) Some schools have a separate “optional” essay allowing you to discuss why you want to attend that school. If that is the case for one of your schools, write the separate essay, and omit the personalized paragraph from your personal statement. (e) Be sure to submit the correct versions to each school. Save the school’s name in the title to help minimize any potential for error.

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"The idea of being a counselor has always appealed to me, but I don’t know if I have the right personality for the job. What are the ideal personality characteristics of a counselor? What makes someone a good counselor?"

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In Conclusion The Universal Serial Bus offers a realistic alternative to the existing problem of configuring new peripherals for use with personal computers.

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In the Texas application (TMDSAS), there are two "optional essays" or addenda. The instructions for the first one say "state any unique circumstances or life experiences that are relevant to your application. [...This] area is provided to address any issues which have not previously been addressed." I think that this is the most appropriate place for the explain a "red flag" sort of addendum. Optional essay #2, asks people to describe "personal characteristics and/or important or challenging experiences you have had that will contribute to the diversity of or provide educational benefits to the student body," and is more focused on that diversity part rather than on explaining challenging circumstances such as those that may have led to poor grades or MCATs. (This is a response to the Hopwood v Texas 1996 decision which forbade the use of race in admissions; the decision was abrogated by the US Supreme Court in 2003, but its effects linger on.)

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