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Educatingthe community about homelessness. Community members often don't understandthe factors that give rise to homelessness and the constitutional limits onpolice trying to manage problems associated with chronically homeless people onthe streets. Better-informed citizens may be more receptive to fundraising effortsfor programs and services for the homeless and may be less resistant to theplacement of facilities for homeless people in their neighborhoods.

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While some people may believe social networking has positive effects on humans, it in fact has negatively altered the way we communicate, our identities, and even our health....

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[…]To uncover fully the factual nature of the situation, it would be necessary for the individual to know all the relevant social data about the others.“ (Goffman, 7) Today, thanks to Facebook and social networking, these data can easily end in our hands.

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This upward social comparison through self-compassion can help clients to be motivated to live better and more fulfilling lives in order to work through those failures or weaknesses just as others have successfully worked through them and have continued on through life.

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Social administration is crucial in shaping institutional or organizational structures which facilitate the achievement of national goals. These goals are not restricted to welfare ones only, but extend over technical, economic, agricultural and whatever other desirables may be an integral part of national development. Social administrators provide services to a variety of clients to improve their quality of life. By fostering intensive interactions between themselves and their clientele or target groups, social administrators unleash those humane and emotional factors which might be impeded by scientific and pseudo-scientific, materialistic or administrative models. The importance of social administration is shown, among others, by its emergence as a distinct academic discipline in so many universities across the world.

Finally the essay moves on to looking at how to identify why official statistics do not reflect in today’s society and may not be totally accurate.

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