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Basically, children world views and mind were deeply shaped by their parents.

Are Parents the Best Teachers by my parents deeply as well.

The FDA also states that HIV tests can fail to detect all infected blooddonors. Since over 20 million blood transfusions each year, the FDA says thateven a very small failure rate increases the chance of having undetected HIV inthe donor population.

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The US Food and Drug Administration has been under pressure to lift its ban– in place since 1983 – against MSM donating blood, arguing that currentblood tests can detect the presence of HIV.

Can education and socialization be decreased with the presence of gay parents.
The American Academy of Pediatrics “…recommends that babies be breast-fed for six to 12 months....

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“The Resource Guide that is available for teachers to use contains links to external websites. One is to an AIDS/HIV-awareness program aimed at gay men. You can see the ads in bus stops in the WestEnd. Again, teachers do not show pornographic material in schools, but the websites are there for references for teachers to make use of. The rate of AIDS/HIV in the under-25 gay male population remains high. The BCTF has called upon the provincial government to provide up-to-date, age-appropriate resources that address AIDS/HIV in multiple languages (see AGM decision from a couple years ago).

Each year 35 million American children ages 5 to 17 will play at least one sport....

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Pushedas an antidote to gay bullying in schools, the measure mandates textbooks tohighlight homosexual persons and their activities in American history. Itsimultaneously reinforces a gag on religious doctrine, noting that “anysectarian or denominational doctrine or propaganda contrary to law” isforbidden.

But this does not necessarily mean that parents are the best teachers for their ...

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Under a bill sitting in the U.S. House, faith-based adoption agencies would be forced to choose between closing their doors and violating their religious beliefs.