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Antony and the Johnsons are playing a series of symphony events in Italy and Norway showcasing arrangements by Antony, Nico Muhly, Rob Moose and Maxim Moston. The first concert was in Bari at the Frontier Festival on October 1st, Fondazione per Roma in Rome on October 3rd followed by the UKA Festival in Trondheim on October 8th, and at Spektrum in Oslo on October 11th. All concerts are conducted by Rob Moose and include lighting by Paul Normandale, lasers by Chris Levine with set design by Carl Robertshaw. Please see the for further information.

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I have always had a great passion for singing, ever since I was young.

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After a brief Latin choral section to open this dream mass, underscoring returns, still the "Bare" theme, as the Priest talks about the arduous journey of the Three Wise Men of the Bible. Peter’s subconscious has made the connection to this sermon because Peter himself is on a journey, though it’s an interior one. The Priest says, it was "a journey resting entirely on faith that they would know where they were going once they arrived." The Priest likens the journey to the kids’ four years at the school, but it’s also like the journey Peter will spend the show taking. And as soon as the idea of a journey establishes itself in this dreamworld, condemnation follows. Gay equals sin in this world. And so four of Peter’s friends come to life as his religious tormentors, labeled as "saints" in the script.

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The whole church – all his friends – answers by turning on him and singing/screaming "Abomination." The Catholic Church (and religion in general) is not about tolerance or gray area, both and Peter’s dream are telling both him and us. And as the number comes to a dramatic and freaky close, the congregation sings the phrase "Bear the cross," but it’s set to music that holds out the word for measure after measure, unmistakably referencing the show’s title and its multiple meanings (and homonyms). This last line also delivers the "good Catholic" Peter a powerful message that can be read in two different ways, underlining the ambiguity at the heart of Peter’s dilemma.

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I believe that having a passion keeps you going forward in life

At one point in "Promise," Matt asks Jason, "Are you gonna stand there and deny it?" which may be another Biblical reference, this time to the apostle Peter’s famous denial of Jesus. But which of them is the Christ figure – Peter or Jason? The answer is coming. Nadia tries to comfort Jason as the music quotes "Quiet Night at Home," the show’s aloneness theme, as we and they realize Jason is totally alone himself now. At the very end of the number, we hear an instrumental quote of the finale, offering up some foreshadowing as Jason asks Nadia – his – to leave him alone.

ANOHNI: HOPELESSNESS shows are being put together. Dates and information will be popping up in our  page.

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Music is my passion. I cannot escape it. It is a part of who I am. It has strengthened my understanding of people and their emotions. I have come to realize that music is my calling in life and it must be nurtured correctly to be able to grow and change the world.

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Beyond Christmas and Easter, many churches in the Protestant tradition do not celebrate the various seasons of the church year in any deliberate or sustained way . However, the observance of the seasons of the church year has a long history in the life of the Christian Faith. When most of the people in the church were poor and had no access to education, the church festivals and the cycle of the church year provided a vehicle for teaching the story of God and his actions in human history. Even in the Old Testament, the concept of sacred time became a vehicle for teaching the faith (for example, Exodus 12-13). Planned and purposeful observance of the Christian seasons and festivals can become an important tool for education and discipleship in the Faith, as well as a vehicle for spiritual growth and vitality.