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Application for a Bakery Chef Bachelor Program
Becoming a bakery chef requires one to be resourceful, gain considerable skills and hold a passion for food (Bourdain 75). I must admit that my passion for food began when I was young girl. As a young girl, I would stay glued to our Television watching chefs creating great food, from the Food Network shows. The chefs to a great extent inspired me and during my free time, I would try to create my own masterpiece similar to the ones made by the chefs. Besides the chefs, my mother also inspired me through making food for my family. In the course of making delicious foods, my mother showed great affection and love to us an, aspect that made me realize how important food is to human beings. My passion for food therefore started as a journey, an expedition that can only be completed through attaining a Bakery Chef Bachelor Program from your institution.
As a young girl, I used to hang around the kitchen and keenly watch my mother making the family food. Many of the times, I would help her in preparing the ingredients. The concept of beginning raw ingredients and eventually turning them into something edible intrigued me. I finally discovered that my love for food was normal. I became a fun of Anthony Bourdain whereby his cooking inspired me to create divergent foods through using assorted ingredients (Bourdain 75). Among the foods I developed skills in include Spanish dishes such as mashed plantains, which I would make for my brother every day after school. Through the inspiration from my mother, the Food Network and Anthony Bourdain, I developed undying passion for cooking. I particularly gained interest in exotic food and my desire in baking is to marry both the American baking and Dominican baking.
During my high school years, my passion for cooking relentlessly developed. For the most part, when a teacher or my fellow students asked me what I wanted to become in life, I would engage myself in intense thinking but not get the right answer. However, when I asked myself what I loved to do most, I figured out that my passion was in food and therefore would want to become a Pastry Chef. My desire for food further augmented after taking an elective program known as gourme food. Through this program, I learnt how people make real living through cooking (America 67).
My first experience with a commercial kitchen was during my Culinary Art Program where I encountered a chef for the first time in my life. The program introduced me to scores of cooking concepts and procedures and I eventually realized that food was rather a routine for me than a hobby. The inventiveness and art involved in cooking really encouraged me. I enjoyed the smell emanating from foods, their taste and feel. Each day, I would create new and interesting masterpiece through simple ingredients (America 68). This raised my expectation and I thought that besides the fun linked to making different types of food, cooking is also rewarding. Particularly, with baking unlike other types of cooking, patience is paramount but the upshot is priceless (America 67). I learnt this during my junior years at boces Culinary Arts Programs
Notwithstanding the fact that cooking is natural, it takes a journey to develop the passion, interests and skills to make elegant and interesting foods. Our environments and daily activities greatly influence our skills. More so, life begins with a step forward and it is my belief that I have taken the initial steps towards life. What is left is to expand my knowledge and skills in order to make a good living. In this regard, I want to attain a Bakery Chef Bachelor program that will enhance my skills as a Pastry Chef.
I am a sociable, hardworking, flexible, humble, initiative person with the potential to fine-tune to any demanding erudition environment. I also believe that my skills will be well nurtured in your institution given your excellent facilities and qualified instructors. I thus look forward and call upon your constructive consideration.

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