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That's the equivalent of having 70% of traffic on your road system as malicious, but targeted take-overable malicious. Imagine every truck in a country free and able to head straight into a city all at once. That's what a DDOS is. (Which we technologists should start to use these analogies and not talk "DNS" this or "TCP" that)

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Maybe you could make it more of a headache for the defenders to figure out what happened - their access logs show a trillion connections from the DOS attack and one connection from a more sophisticated attack, so it gets lost in the shuffle - but a good search tool should be able to sort through all the "haystack" to find the needle within. And in any case, this would only serve to cover your tracks, not to open up a path for attacks that wouldn't otherwise succeed.

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My prediction is that things are ramping up for a major attack at the end of this year, when the majority of senior staff at most of these companies take a vacation between Christmas and New Years, where there will be concerted attacks on at least one of these infrastructure companies that will take down a large swathe of the Internet for at least several hours. What to do about it... I know that at least one of these infrastructure companies is making contingency plans, but of course am not privy to the exact plans. As for the root servers going offline, there are contingency plans for that too that should keep their customers working in many cases at least on a short term basis. Still, it's worrisome that we still have zero communications from non-state actors about any of these attacks -- which tends to back up the supposition that it's a state actor doing this.

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Ah those pesky Russians and Chinese at work again. I mean, don't they have something else to do, like battle falling economy, improve democracy and human rights, build more H-bombs, dope more athletes (wait, US does that too but "legally"), or so? :-))

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