Because I do not do well with blood, I chose to become a pharmacist.

Physicians and licensed practitioners that write a written prescription, the pharmacist reviews patient history, health conditions, and interactions with the new medication prescribed.

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Pharmacy is the career that I want to pursue and have been for a couple years.

Pharmacists are important members of the health care team.

- NCBI - National Institutes of Health The question of what constitutes pharmacy research emerged at a recent meeting CSHP has published 2 papers discussing institutional pharmacy research, Medicine / Pharmacy.

Afterwards, I plan on becoming a pharmacist.

Theses, Dissertations and Student Research Papers (Pharmacy) The first part of the dissertation is to evaluate the use of proposed and established equations for area under the plasma concentration versus time (AUC) for Effective Papers: Essay on Pharmacy 2 May 2011 We Can Write Custom Essays on Pharmacy for You!

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An interesting 5 page look at an American where medicine can be dispensed to anyone- whether or not they have enough money to pay for it. Based on the assumption that Bill Clinton's 1996 health care initiative would have been passed, this paper examines what pharmacy would be like in the year 2035. Pharmacists themselves will have a much greater wealth of responsibilities including consultation services, more stringent educational requirements (Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, etc;). Issues concerning pricing and the pharmaceutical industry itself are examined as well. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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In this 5 page essay, the writer feels that a future world in which Bill Clinton's health care initiative had been passed would be with an institutionalized, old-fashioned multi-tier system of health care. Prescriptions are more readily available in this fictitious version of the year 2035 and the role of the pharmacist has inherently evolved from being just a "providor" to that of a "public educator." Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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If pharmacists were to “utilize their clinical expertise in monitoring and managing diabetes medication plans to positively impact health outcomes and empower patients to actively manage their health,” then the number of people with diabetes could decline (Smith, 2009).

These pharmacists work with doctors to determine the best types of medicine for a patient....

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Important responsibilities include developing education and preparation structures and processes that support staff in developing serious thinking skills; carrying out data and developing evaluation methods; executing projects; analyzing information and reporting results; supporting and assisting co workers who carry out practice research and assessment; and planning, coordinating, and carrying out evaluative studies of pharmacy practice and pharmacy services....

With this career, the goal of the pharmacist is to assist the ones who can not assist themselves.

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