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In Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, Nathan Price, the male authority figure of the household, limits the Price women’s ability to aim for higher goals in life, which includes a better living environment and education....

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In class we examined Living Buddha, Living Christ, The Poisonwood Bible, Martin Luther King Jr....

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Kingsolver lived in the Congo as a girl. She is an , and The Poisonwood Bible is an important book about the world and our place in it. But never fear. It's at least as much jungle romp as it is earnest lecture—so don't worry about getting lost in the jungle. We'll be here to help you find your way out.

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Not convinced? Fine. It's a good thing there's another, much better (depending on who you ask) reason to care about The Poisonwood Bible: it's about adapting to change and making a difference. Whether you're starting college or a new job, moving to a new city or moving to a new country, you have to learn how to adapt. And if you're lucky, you'll make a positive impact on someone else's life along the way.

Simply bringing the Word of God, as Nathan Price does in The Poisonwood Bible, was and is not possible.

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In Susan Strehle’s current article on American exceptionalism explicitly relating to The Poisonwood Bible, she manipulates the topics and themes found in the novel to support her opinion....

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In Barbra Kingsolver’s historical fiction The Poisonwood Bible a china plate is used to show the different roles of an abusive relationship and symbolize control. This symbolism displays the contrast between a person of power and those who have none. On a small scale Nathan and Orleanna share a relationship that is unjust and causes. Kingsolver also expands to the macrocosm by describing the relationship between the Republic of Congo and countries of more power.

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In the novel the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Kingsolver’s poignant and deliberate portrayal and exemplification of the settings of the novel play a central role in helping readers to understand the dynamics of the Price family and the Congo. When considering the events and attitudes of certain characters within this novel, readers see that through her choice to use the Congo as the main setting for the Price family, Kingsolver is able to transform this literary element into a powerful display of ignorance, racism, and misfortune in order to connect these ideas with not only the Price family, but to show that the ignorance in our own homes can often times reflect and are directly linked to similar issues throughout the larger world around us.

She uses ‘books’ to divide the novel into sections, which, with names like Genesis and The Revelation, reflect the books of the Bible.

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The underlying theme of The Poisonwood Bible throughout the novel is the idea that arrogance makes westerners indifferent to how third-world countries are affected by colonialism....

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Barbara Kingsolver’s, The Poisonwood Bible, as well as Cormac McCarthy’s, All The Pretty Horses, deals with this issue through its plethora of themes and symbols.

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Ahem. Sorry. We got a little attack of Oprah-itis there. Can you blame us? novel The Poisonwood Bible was chosen for Oprah's Book Club in June 2000 and was a finalist for the . So, yeah. It's kind of a big deal.