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The Poisonwood Bible: A Critical Analysis -Parents, Virginia and Wendell Kingsolver, were public-health workers -Lived in the Congo for a short time as a child -Kingsolver majored in Biology at Depauw Nathan Price, a Baptist Preacher from Bethlehem Georgia, is determined to bring the gift of salvation to the people of the Belgian Congo.

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The Price family recognized their arrogance towards the Africans. I they had payed any attention to the danger of the snakes in the environment, things could have turned out differently. Adah, the second oldest girl in the family was inspired the changes of her heart as a result of her sister’s death; "In the world, the carrying capacity for humans is limited. History holds all things in the balance, including large hopes and short lives." (441) History revealed that cultural arrogance could result in the failure to thrive as a family. Towards the end of the novel, the three sisters, decades after Ruth May’s death, have a reunion. They had been separated no long after their sister died, and their failure to stay connected, as a family was a result of her death. Rachel explains that their connection to each other would remain the same forever; “ This was the first and absolute last time I am going to participate within the reunion of my sisters.” (475) Africa remained part of each one of the sisters even after their parting from one another. Leah Price married a boy she met while on her family mission trip to the Congo, and they moved to another African city of Kinshasa. Adah is a renowned epidemiologist working for the Center for Disease Control in Africa, and Rachael also remains in another part of Africa working as a business manager.

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Ruth May was also seemed to be most attached to her mother out of everyone, and was faithful to her.
Ruth is parallel to Ruth through her characteristics as well.

Ruth May’s is a character that right out says everything that she sees and hearsd.

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Ruth's name also can be translated as, "friend or female companion," and Ruth May was always playing "Mother May I?" and other games with the children in the Congo, and she made the most friends in the time that they were there.

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Rachel Leah Price Adah Price Ruth May Price Setting Nathan Price -Born 1955 in Annapolis, Maryland - -Mid 1950s through late 1980s in Africa.
-The Price family arrives just before the Congo's declaration of independence and election for a prime minister.
-Historical crisis causes instability and disaster.

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Orleanna is Nathan’s wife and the lead voice of the novel. Each of the first five books begins with Orleanna as she tries to piece together the situations and events that culminated in the death of her youngest. She does her best to mother her daughters but did not have the strength she needed to counteract the negative influence of Nathan. Her character is more complex than her influence over her daughters would seem to indicate. As an individual within her family, she is weak, merely going along with whatever Nathan expects and trying to maintain a normal if not always happy home. She makes no major decisions until the moment when she leaves the Congo and only expresses her opinion by implication and by slamming dishes around. Although she does beg Nathan to take them back to the States, she in unable to get him to even pay attention when Ruth May is close to death.

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Focusing on a single novel or play, explain how its representation of childhood or adolescence shapes the meaning of the work as a whole." (2008)
Who does Ruth May become in the Congo and what is her voice?

Each character has a quest and Ruth May’s varies from her sisters; Ruth May wants to become a part of the Congo.

Just like Lumumba was the spirit of the independence movement, Ruth May was the spirit of the Price Family.d.

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Writing of the Poisonwood Bible -Work of fiction.

-Spent thirty years waiting for the maturity and wisdom to write this book.

-"It's no use waiting for things that only appear at a distance, and for believing a spirit of adventure will usually suffice".