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7 pages. Critical incident stress management is very important to have for debriefing or diffusing purposes as a resource for first line responders to any disaster. Those firefighters, police officers and other disaster relief workers undergo untold amounts of stress and while they might not at first think so, the early intervention of stress related health problems could be averted with critical incident stress management. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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This 7 page paper provides a look at police stress and the programs that aim to alleviate it. Stress is discussed in general and then the paper quickly goes on to look at the specific problems that police officers face. Some studies are cited. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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Police leadership is based from an autocratic style which is founded on integrity and courage, embracing teamwork, involvement and shared leadership (Cordner & Scarborough, 2010).

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If more police officers adapt to the culture of what the society identify as police misconduct, then there will be more violence and brutality among the people of different economic social status, and or race.

Police work is very stressful and involves many violent and dangerous situations.

the worst effects of stress on police officers is of course suicide

A 7 page paper answering two discussion questions and analyzing the Asheville (NC) police department according to Weber's principles of management. Questions address Fiedler's contingency theory and managing police stress at both the individual and departmental levels. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The police have very strict rules about police use force and the manner in which they use it....

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12 pages in length. The relationship between stress and health is unmistakable; indeed, the correlation that exists between the two entities is so strong that one's very existence hinges upon the ability to effectively balance good stress with the bad. What could possibly be good about stress? It is a natural motivator as well as a barometer oflife. If an individual lives each day without some simple form of stress, the mind/body connection is not stimulated. However, this stress is completely divergent from the kind that works to tear down the mind/body connection; rather, beneficial stress can be as simple as being excited over a baseball game or anticipating a first date. While such emotions are not typically associated with stress, they doplace a certain amount of anxiety and tension upon the mind/body connection, albeit a significantly more positive encumbrance than that of negative stress. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The job of police officers is to maintain public order, prevent, and detect crimes....

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Too often in law enforcement, personnel equate mental disorders with being "crazy" and they feel that an emotional response to trauma indicates "weakness." This myth must be erased.