Recently, his poems are considered as postmodern.

But to return to postmodern. A friend and colleague had beento a symposium about postmodern last spring. I asked him how theterm had gotten defined at that symposium. As art, he answered,that was no longer self-critical. I felt a pang. I myself hadwritten twenty years ago that self-criticism was a distinguishingtrait of Modernist art. My friend's answer made me realize asI hadn't before how inadequate that was as a conveying definitionof Modernism or the modern. (That I hadn't the presence of mindto ask my friend just how self-critical art could be told fromart that wasn't self-critical was only incidental. We both understood,in any case, that it hadn't to do with the difference betweenabstract and figurative, just as we also understood that the modernwasn't confined to particular styles, modes, or directions ofart.)


These shocking pieces of performance art come under the broad umbrella that is Postmodernism.

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Well, how are you to decide what is and what isn't modern inpresent-day art in a sense that goes beyond the literal one? There'sno rule, no principle, no method. It comes down to a questionof tastes, or else a terminological quibble. Different stylisticdefinitions of the modern have been proposed in every generationsince the word first came into circulation as applicable to paintingand sculpture in more than a merely temporal sense, and none ofthem have held. Nor have any of those offered by the proponentsof the postmodern, whether stylistic or not.

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Characterizing Postmodernism Discussing postmodernism and continuing education, Leicester (2000) writes that "postmodernism is not a systematic theory or unified movement so much as a loose umbrella term for...

Irony and its scale of impact, then, are very important in postmodern art.

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As an anti–modernist movement, therefore, postmodernism is seen as rejecting those elements that comprise the modernist worldview, including the ideas of truth, self, meaning, and purpose.


Eventually there emerged the notion that modernist art is to be practiced entirely within a closed formalist sphere that was necessarily separated from, so as not to become contaminated by, the real world.

Postmodernist thought radicalized the traditional and modernist concepts of art criticism.

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Heidegger sees this as the realization of the will to power, anotherNietzschean conception, which, conjoined with the eternal return,represents the exhaustion of the metaphysical tradition (Heidegger1991a, 199-203). For Heidegger, the will to power is the eternalrecurrence as becoming, and the permanence of becoming is theterminal moment of the metaphysics of presence. On this reading,becoming is the emerging and passing away of beings within and amongother beings instead of an emergence from being. Thus, for Heidegger,Nietzsche marks the end of metaphysical thinking but not a passagebeyond it, and therefore Heidegger sees him as the last metaphysicianin whom the oblivion of being is complete (Heidegger 1991a, 204-206;1991b, 199-203). Hope for a passage into non-metaphysical thinkinglies rather with Hölderlin, whose verses give voice to signsgranted by being in its withdrawal (Heidegger 1994 [1937–1938],115-118). While postmodernists owe much to Heidegger's reflections onthe non-presence of being and the de-realization of beings throughthe technological enframing, they sharply diverge from his reading ofNietzsche.

The term post-modernist, often used to refer to art and architecture, was applied to this film.

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In this examination Ihab Hassan's essay "Toward a Concept of Postmodernism" was used as a source of secondary literature for defining of postmodernist features.

Since the postmodernist finds irony itself beautiful they therefore consider these things “art”.

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The notion of the postmodern has sprouted and spread in thatsame relaxing climate of taste and opinion in which pop art andits successors thrive. It represents wishful thinking for themost part; those who talk about the postmodern are too ready togreet it. Yes, if the modern, if Modernism, is over and done with,then there'll be surcease, relief. At the same time art historywill have been kept going, and we critics and journalists willhave kept abreast of it. But I happen to think that Modernismisn't finished, certainly not in painting or sculpture. Art isstill being made that challenges the longing for relaxation andrelief and makes high demands on taste (demands that are moretaxing because deceptive: the best new art of latter years innovatesin a less spectacular way than the best new art used to underModernism). Modernism, insofar as it consists in the upholdingof the highest standards, survives -- survives in the face ofthis new rationalization for the lowering of standards.