All around, females exceed males in prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is different than the more common drug abuse, such as, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine, because it is easier to obtain.

Why does so many people abuse prescription drugs....

Wanting to lose weight is one of the many reasons teens abuse prescription drugs.

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Painkillers make the abusers more “relaxed” and essentially “more fun.” Although only two possible reasons for teens to abuse prescription drugs have been addressed, there are still many more reasons out there.

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Prescription drug abuse continues to rise. In 2012, 24% of teens surveyed said they have taken a prescription drug without a doctor's prescription.

A simple talk is all it takes to resolve teen prescription drug abuse.

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A teenage drug abuser might not have to look any further than his or her parent’s medicine chest to ‘score.’ Prescription drug abuse by teens is on the rise.

Teens are increasingly engaging in prescription drug abuse.

Joe Pitt Holds a Hearing on Prescription Drug Abuse," opioid prescription drugs were involved in 16,650 overdose-caused deaths in 2010, accounting for more deaths than from overdoses of heroin and cocaine.

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Prescription drug abuse can be defined as taking a prescription drug that was prescribed for someone else or in a manner or dosage other than what was prescribed....

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For 1 death: 10 people are admitted for treatment of drug abuse, 32 ER visits for drug abuse, 130 abuse prescription drugs, and 825 are nonmedical prescription drug users....

“Trends in the Abuse of Prescription Drugs.” University of Texas at Austin

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A common reoccurring problem related to substance abuse is the issue of peer influence and peer pressure on trying and using drugs, which can vary from alcohol, tobacco and even the use of prescription drugs.

One effect when teens abuse these stimulant type prescription drugs is that they become very unpredictable.

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“A single large dose of over-the-counter painkillers or depressants can cause breathing difficulty that can lead to death” (“Prescription Drug Abuse.” Teen).

In order to change this it is important to understand what pharmacists do, their role in prevention, and the severity of prescription drug abuse.

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This paper aims to outline the most basic reasons that lead to substance abuse and dependency, from the early developmental stage until late adolescence....