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Such harsh penalties undoubtedly dissuaded many GIs from directly challenging military authority, but other ways were found to debate and protest the war. With the support of local peace groups, coffee houses sprang up near military bases where GIs could freely exchange ideas. GIs began publishing off-base newspapers, one of the first being Vietnam GI in late 1967. More newspapers followed. Cortright counts a total of 259 over the course of the war, although many lasted only a few issues due to personnel relocation. In December 1967, the American Servicemen’s Union (ASU) was founded by socialist Andy Stapp, who purposely entered the Army in order to organize among soldiers. ASU developed chapters in bases at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Fort Benning, Georgia, and offered legal assistance to servicemen in support of GI rights. An increasing number of GIs also applied for C.O. status while in the service. Even if denied, their applications backed up the military courts and sometimes delayed deployment orders. At the Oakland Army Base, a primary embarkation point for Vietnam, the Pacific Counseling Service aided GIs in filling out C.O. applications, resulting in 1,200 soldiers successfully delaying their deployment orders by March 1, 1970.

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Castration is a very harsh punishment and can affect a person for the rest of their lives.

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I believe in harsh sentencing for a youthful offender who murdered or raped someone, especially a young person. Minors should not be given the death penalty but should be placed in a strict juvenile hall. Young inmates should not be housed with adults. They could be persuaded to join prison gangs, kill or rape someone or steal from someone. Youthful offenders are also at risk of being sexually assaulted. Juvenile offenders should be housed with other youths who have also committed a serious crime. Youths should be given rehabilitation services. They should also be given the opportunity to complete their education.

sex offenders should be given harsher punishments

I believe that harsh sentences are appropriate for minors if they rape or murder someone. More so if they hurt, molest or kill a younger child. I do not, however, think a minor should receive the death penalty.
Youthful offenders should not be housed with adult inmates because a minor could become the victim of older stronger, more hardened criminals. In an adult prison, youthful offenders are at risk for harassment, physical violence and sexual assault.
Minors who commit serious crimes should be incarcerated with inmates their own age until they are at least 18. Juvenile detention centers should also focus on rehabilitation that promotes job skills, education and counseling.

The suspended sentence has a bad name. It is a sword of Damocles hanging over…
America locks up too many people, some for acts that should not even be criminal

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Family instability in the lives of former prisoners and behavioral problems among their children is also well-established. Studies have documented the large increase in the number of children with incarcerated parents and have described the range of poor outcomes that may be associated with having a parent in prison. The evidence shows a strong relationship between a father’s incarceration and family hardship, including housing insecurity and behavioral problems in children, though it is difficult to draw causal inferences about that relationship. Studies that focus exclusively on incarcerated men have found that partners and children of male prisoners are particularly likely to experience adverse outcomes if the men were positively involved with their families prior to incarceration (see ).

There was concern when the government proposed that the new anti-social behaviour orders should be…

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For the mature Kant, all the motives but the first fall short morally, since goodhearted impulse is not a matter of will and determination but of feelings that may be accidential and irrational, appearances of honor may have no moral or prudential connection at all, and self-interested prudence may reject immoral action as merely inexpedient -- or embrace it as the opposite.

“Just watched as court sent unrep’d def to prison. He didnt say a word through…

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Dropped into war zones, without knowledge of the Vietnamese language and with little, if any, understanding of local culture, U.S. soldiers had problems distinguishing enemy from neutral from friend. They often became frustrated when making no contact with enemy soldiers for long periods, then seemingly out of the blue were interrupted by violent surprise attacks. Daily treks through insect-filled jungles in the heat and humidity also took a toll on GI nerves. In numerous documented cases, their frustrations were taken out on civilians. The approved routine of burning of huts, destruction of villages, and terrorizing of residents could and did lead to unauthorized sexual assaults, random shootings, and even massacres such as that in My Lai. Heonik Kwon lists thirteen large-scale massacres, including some by South Korean troops; Nick Turse, in Kill Anything That Moves, documents more. Even in villages with decent relations with local U.S. forces, other mobile U.S. forces were known to violently intervene.