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In simple words, thesis is a preview of your essay.

➥ For example, your thesis might look something like this―"Problem + Solution 1 + Solution 2 + Solution 3." This will be the outline of your thesis.

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Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) is problem solution essay skeleton sometimes linked to

Here's How to Write a Really Impactful Problem-Solution Essay

For example: "Drug abuse causes negative impact on the society that can be eradicated with counseling, proper education, and an increase in the police force to deal with them, and effective laws in place to stop the drug dealers."

➥ In the above thesis, "drug abuse" is the problem to which "counseling, proper education and an increase in the police force to deal with them, and effective laws in place to stop the drug dealers" are the solutions.

➥ In other words, this is the gist of your essay.

I think that in this essay you write problem-solution ..

Provide realistic solutions.

➥ There may be numerous solutions to one problem, choose three that are most effective and can be promptly applied to your problem, keeping in mind the length of your essay.

Buzzle presents some guidelines to help you to pen down a great problem-solution essay
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And problem -> solution -> growth is a good skeleton to use.

Give real life examples.

➥ Call for a plan of action that will give a direction to your readers' thoughts.

Problem solved―Your problem-solution essay is ready!

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Problem solution essays essentially explain a difficulty, and then present a detailed plan of how that problem can be resolved. For this type of paper, good topics usually come from any problem or set of tribulations that you or others around you have often complained about. If you have ever thought to yourself that you had a better solution for something than what was actually proposed, a problem solution paper can help you organize your thoughts. Unemployment is a problem that affects so many of us across the nation. It is widely discussed and many people share a variety of ideas on how to tackle the unemployment rate and what we can do to resolve it. Because it is so hugely debated, this is a great topic for this specific type of paper. Here are some tips to help you write an amazing paper on unemployment:

Writing A Brilliant Problem Solution Essay On Unemployment

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However, if it is a known problem, the explanation can just be a short and precise summary.

➥ Techniques like personal experiences, facts, figures, hypothetical scenarios, etc., can be tools to introduce the essay and a sure way of drawing the readers' attention.

➥ Placing a thesis statement at the end of the introduction will state the main points that you have discussed in the essay and is the most logical place for it.