Prostitution in Victorian England

Sources that provide an overview of the development of Victorian feminism are essential to any scholarly work on the more specific topics included in this article. , , and all paved the way for serious discussion of Victorian feminism by highlighting key figures and themes in the movement. provides important primary documents on the subject, and and place Victorian feminism in relation to men’s participation in the debate over women’s rights legislation and larger philosophical issues pertaining to human liberty.

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But although adherents to the cult of the child described their appreciation in religious and/or aesthetic terms, the art they produced reveals a disturbing tendency to conceive of the child as the ideal romantic partner. In novels like Carroll’s Sylvie and Bruno (1889) and J. M. Barrie’s The Little White Bird (1902), besotted bachelors pursue children rather than women, while Dowson wrote a sonnet sequence celebrating the charms “Of a Little Girl.” Dowson also fell in love with an eleven-year-old named Adelaide Foltinowicz, proposing to her when she was fourteen. He was not alone; eminent Victorians like John Ruskin and the Archbishop of Canterbury also wooed young girls, and child prostitution was an accepted if deplored fact of London life.

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Social and economic factors turned prostitution into a major industry in Victorian England

Prostitution in Victorian England.

They also believed that false accusations were created by mothers by forging injuries on their children's bodies.
Family, Neighbourhood and Police
Child Sexual Abuse in Victorian England
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Education in Victorian England was different from today's schooling in many aspects

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Victoria’s England was a child-dominated society. Throughout her long reign, one out of every three of her subjects was under the age of fifteen. The population explosion that occurred during this period was accompanied by a tremendous amount of industrialization and urbanization; by the end of the century, a vast majority of children lived in towns rather than rural communities. Families tended to be large, although the birth rate declined a bit over the course of the century as more information on contraception became available. The rapid growth of towns quickly outstripped affordable housing, leading to overcrowding and shockingly poor sanitary conditions. Coupled with infectious diseases and impure milk and food, these factors contributed to very high infant and child mortality rates.

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