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I need an advice from u. Is it possible to add an data or information to the body of essay writing task 2, but I’m not sure about the validity of the data? Or in easy way, could I put unvalid data on the essay?

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Thanks for sharing such an important information.
i am going to take my ielts exam on 30th of this month and that’s too for the very first time. I am not even attending any coaching classes. I am just following your tips. My requirement for band score is 8 in each module. But i am worried about writing, especially task 2. Will you please upload a vedio describing each and every type of essay from introduction to conclusion. It will be a great help for me.

Most idioms are informal and used in speaking not essay writing.Liz

Good evening mam I want to know about some important vocabulary which I use easily in essay plz mam help me actually my exam will be on 7th nov last time I gave exam on 1aug I get only 4.5 in writing or 5.5 overall

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It is not recommended to use “This essay will ..” or any other expression similar. If your opinion is asked for, you must give it clearly: I think or In my opinion. Your thesis statement is about presenting your main points or position – it is not about writing the instructions – the examiner has the instructions. See this lesson: and then check my main writing task 2 page:

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My son is 4 and also has WHS. This essay made me cry for many different reasons. It’s really perfect. You captured my despair and resolve so beautifully. Thank you for writing this.

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Many thanks for your good materials for IELTS study.
I would like to ask something regarding expressions in the introduction part of writing task 2.
Some recommend expressions such as “This essay agree that….., Firstly, this essay will discuss…., Secondly, it will discuss other ……..” in the introduction part.

I believe the example on this page is a partial agreement essay. Right?

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I am a bit speechless after reading this, so struggling with what to say. I think this writing is so important and amazing and soulful. I’m a bodyworker … I use mind body techniques with my chronic pain clients. And I’m always frustrated by the Louise Hay/affirmation approach as it misses so much of what is true and important. You capture that so deeply and beautifully here. Thank you!

This Momma Bear thanks you for the superb writing and the freeing words.

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Write with a pencil and replace the mostly used words with its synonyms while proof reading the essay
write neatly by giving enough space and to increase the font as i found my writing is bit small and not reader friendly
improve vocabulary and use some list of common idioms that are allowed to use in IELTS essay

Is this true for the essays? If so, what essays can I or can I not put examples in for?

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An IELTS essay should be between 270 and 290 words more or less. Your introduction alone is around 90 words instead of 40 to 50. You’ve also included creative, imaginative ideas – spider and webs – this is inappropriate for an IELTS essay. You’ve clearly got good English but you won’t even hit 7 unless you learn the right techniques. I highly suggest you think of getting my opinion essay lesson to learn the right techniques: