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I was wondering what should be the thesis statement of a discussion essay which doesn’t require opinion? Should it be like : in this essay both advantages and disadvantages of … Will be discussed? Or should one main advantage and disadvantage be discribed like this: for example : a public transport system has the main advantage of reducing traffic congestion in cities but it also has some disadvantages for example everyone is forced to pay for it but not everyone gets access to it.

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A task force concludes that parents probably should not use spanking as a punishment

Corporal punishment of a child by a parent or teacher has been ..

Although it is sometimes thought that for various crimes punishment ought to be fixed, other people believe that crime situation and inspirational factor should be taken into consideration. In my opinion, i consider that it is better to judge each crime individually.

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It is likely children often did not even realize the reason for their punishment, it simply became an accepted part of their existence.

in discussion type of essay can we write 2-3 ideas all together in one para..

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Life is so busy these days; wouldn’t it be great if psychotherapy wasn’t another one of those things taking children away from achieving great things in their lives?

There is an insurmountable amount of evidence out there to prove that spanking and corporal punishment causes negative effects on parents, teachers and children, both from when children are young right through to into adult life.

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The fact that there are some parents and teachers who inflict physical punishment in an abusive way does not entail the conclusion that corporal punishment should never be inflicted by anybody. If it did have this entailment, then, for example, the consumption of any alcohol by anybody prior to driving would have to be condemned on the grounds that some people cannot control how much alcohol they consume before driving. Just as we prohibit the excessive but not the moderate use of alcohol prior to driving, so should we condemn the abusive but not the nonabusive use of corporal punishment.

yeah ,, i mean in this kind of essay , the discussion one , there is an opinion showed in introduction and in separate paragraph .

This essay disagrees with the statement because punishment may …

I cannot stress enough how crucial your website has been for my IELTS preparation.
I have a question regarding the “discuss both views and give your opinion” type of essay.
Can i incorporate my opinion in the second body paragraph, or a seperate paragraph is needed in order to achieve a good score? (i need at least 7,5)

To recapitulate, castigating the criminals is important and thus fixed punishment should be enforced to the criminals of each type of crime.

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Yes, this is a balanced approach. Both the one-sided and balanced view are fine for a discussion essay. The only problem is with the student’s level of English. If a student’s level of English is low and they struggle to get clear ideas across, the one-sided view is better. You won’t necessarily get a higher score because you tried a balanced approach.

To browse for material on corporal punishment in a particular country, start by looking for that country on the  pages and also in .

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Clearly there are instances of abuse and of abusive physical punishment. But that is insufficient to demonstrate even a correlation between corporal punishment and abuse, and a fortiori a causal relationship. Research into possible links between corporal punishment and abuse has proved inconclusive so far. Some studies have suggested that abusive parents use corporal punishment more than nonabusive parents, but other studies have shown this not to be the case.7 The findings of one study,8 conducted a year after corporal punishment by parents was abolished in Sweden, suggested that Swedish parents were as prone to serious abuse of their children as were parents in the United States, where corporal punishment was (and is) widespread. These findings are far from decisive, but they caution us against hasty conclusions about the abusive effects of corporal punishment.