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Boot et al (1977) refers to it as ‘one of the most fundamental aspects of management.’ The proof that there is no one best style of leadership lies with the number of leadership theories which exist in today’s society....

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We put our trust in any leadership because of the qualities that they exude.

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A leadership map can serve as a tool for exploring the Qualities of Leadership by providing a structure for exploring the vast wealth of Leadership material on the Internet.

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A good leader should give chances to his team to excel and perform their skills to be able to help the company.
One of the qualities of leaders that are hard to copy is being able to face and manage challenges – both internal and external ones.
A good leader should also be able to create a strategy and implement that strategy in a continuous manner to be able to achieve his and his company’s goals.
Proper motivation to one’s self and to the team is also an important trait of a true leader.
Putting people first and encouraging their talents and skills to be exposed and appreciated is a great way to motivate people.

A personal philosophy of leadership is that distinguishing trait that every leader possesses.

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So, what makes a great leader? Leadership exists all around us, and when we speak of leaders we should refrain from conjuring up in our minds the likes of Sun Yat-Sen, Abraham Lincoln or other great men of history. At the level of a corporate environment, leaders of successful businesses, managers and supervisors alike exhibit their own unique leadership traits. Gone are the days in the corporate world, where one leads by absolute authority because such forms of leadership are unsustainable. People observe, and make particular judgement about the superior to whom they report to, and if one lacks the qualification and experience coupled with interpersonal relationship skills, it is unlikely that such a leader, manager or whoever he is, can sustain himself or herself in that position of power. The qualities that make a good leader would necessarily encompass personality traits like been knowledgeable in his specific field of expertise, having not just the textbook understanding of his trade but also years of practical experience, and the sensitivity to relate to staff at every level of employment. He should have a good understanding of both the internal dynamics of the company which he can exercise control over, as well as the external dynamics in terms of the competition and the market where he has limited control over and thus seeks to adapt. Successful executives tend to be good leaders because it is through teamwork that a corporation strive and thrive, and without leadership the business will falter, needless to say.

Those who do great things, for example volunteering at a homeless shelter, are not leaders.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to have great management skills? INTEGRITY is the answer. It is one of the most respected qualities of a great leader as it helps the individual in staying calm, composed as well as unbiased during all times. It plays a key role in managing your team as well. A great leader is one who says what he can do and then does exactly the same with the help of his team. Integrity is also the quality that helps leaders in building a trustworthy team.

Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of either formal or informal group in the task of goal setting and goal achievement....

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Time management is one of the factors that an individual should also master to be able to be efficient and productive.
One of the qualities of leaders that separate them from the rest is having daily accomplishments.

Continuous implementation of strategies is also one of the qualities of leaders that make a company successful.

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The object of this essay is to get management to begin thinking or rethinking their ideas concerning one aspect of leadership: the decision-making process. As managers, we are also leaders, who must have a sense of vision for the future, an orientation toward action, and a facility for persuasion -- we must be able to motivate our colleagues into action within a healthy and happy work environment, and part of that must come from a projection of decisiveness. As Michael Novak points out in Executives Must Be AIlowed to Execute: