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The notes from Routhier’s grandson added that, instead of being commissioned by the music committee, as some had previously stated, Lavallée, Ernest Gagnon and Routhier took the initiative on their own, because time was short. In order not to antagonize the other members of the committee, the three persuaded Lieutenant-Governor Robitaille to commission Lavallée and Routhier “officially” to write the song.

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The Malahat Review is pleased to congratulate Alicia Elliott, whose piece, "A Mind Spread Out on the Ground," won a Gold National Magazine Award in the Essays category!

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Correlations between self-efficacy and academic performances in investigations in which self-efficacy is analyzed at the item- or task-specific level and closely corresponds to the criterial task have ranged from .49 to .70; direct effects in path analytic studies have ranged from = .349 to .545. Results tend to be higher in studies of mathematics than of other academic areas such as reading or writing, but even in these areas relationships are considerably higher than previously obtained if the criteria by which students rate their self-efficacy judgments is used as the criteria for scoring essays or assessing reading comprehension (Pajares, Miller, & Johnson, 1999; Pajares & Valiante, 1997, 1999).

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Following the success of our , in which we highlighted select back issues in honour of the , we decided to cast our gaze back, chronologically, over our complete backlist…to include (eventually!) brief reviews of every issue not previously covered. Featured issues will be highlighted on our website biweekly. is hot off the press, and we're celebrating with a spotlight review of This Place a Stranger, edited by Vici Johnstone. Publisher Caitlin Press calls it a "sometimes tragic, sometimes uproariously funny" collection of travelogues from Canadian women. And here's a snapshot of what Malahat book reviewer Kirsten Fogg said about the collection:I’ve travelled on my own many times and the clear prose of This Place a Stranger: Canadian Women Travelling Alone would have been a welcome companion. In the past, I’ve started books about adventuring women only to put them down, disappointed because the focus was on the external rather than the more interesting and complex internal journey. Yvonne Blomer, Shannon Webb-Campbell, and the other authors of the twenty-three essays in this collection, have layered and woven the personal with the public, and candid honesty with pertinent details so we get a real sense of who the writer is in that particular place.Don't think you have the time to write? Ottawa writer and blogger rob mclennan dishes up hearty advice on snapping out of the writers' block mentality and strengthening your time-management regime.Attention is a muscle, one that requires development. I know writers that require a soundless space and enforced solitude; I acknowledge that for some this is the only way to proceed, but it all seems a bit precious, akin to suggesting that one can’t do any work until life is perfect and calm (which never happens, as you know). Silence and attention are not mutually exclusive. So you want to write?Malahat’s summer 1985 issue is a rich picnic basket of reading materials filled with literary forms and styles to suit the tastes of any reader—perfect for taking to the beach. As an appetizer, there are eight poems about angels by Gail Harris that complement the cover photograph (by David Tasker) of a divine cemetery statue.

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Evidence of BWS was also considered relevant at the sentencing stage in the Self-Defence Review held under Judge Lynn Ratushny. The review involved the examination of cases in which women convicted of killing their partners might have been entitled to an acquittal or a reduction in sentence due to evidence of past abuse by their victims in light of the decision in Lavallee. Judge Ratushny made recommendations in 7 of 98 cases reviewed.

The purpose of this study was to review and describe the MRI features of long-standing Morel-Lavallée lesions of ..

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Binnema, Theodore; Ens, Gerhard J.; and Macleod, R.C. (Eds.). From Rupert's Land to Canada: Essays in Honour of John E. Foster. 14(2), pp. 137-138; review by D.N. Sprague.