Silent Spring remained on the bestseller list for almost a year.

Therefore, Carol Smallwood offers interesting perspectives on humanity.

The second section of this poetry collection also reiterates the fact that people are just small beings within the vast universe.

Her book Silent Spring helped start the environmental movement.

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A diligent search of the house fails to find it.

And while he celebrated these small children who brought him so much joy and tiredness, he found himself on a desperate and bone-weary journey in search of just a few extra winks a night.

Parenthood was an adventure that would teach him more about what exactly sleep is, why we need it, and what it means when we don't get enough of it.

In "Snooze: The Lost Art of Sleep", McGirr delves into the mysterious world of sleep, including its many benefits, its stubborn elusiveness, and exactly what our brains really get up to while we're in bed.

.Thirteen-year-old Dereck Dillinger is the man of the house.

These are short stories that will wash over you in an epic sea of words meant to entice and embolden your inner princess, heroine, or both.

Critique: An inherently fascinating and unfailingly entertaining read from cover to cover, "Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales" is unreservedly recommended for mature readers with an interest in a feminist approach to the female image in the wonderful world of fairytales.

Pesticides eradicate pests by giving a bad taste to the produce, or causing a disease.

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Nature is no sentimentalist, — does not cosset or pamper us. We must see that the world is rough and surly, and will not mind drowning a man or a woman; but swallows your ship like a grain of dust. The cold, inconsiderate of persons, tingles your blood, benumbs your feet, freezes a man like an apple. The diseases, the elements, fortune, gravity, lightning, respect no persons.

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(Our hero beats him!) In both films, the themes of the pains and triumphs of growing up are presented in familiar formulas, and the poems lend a sense of gravity to that theme....

The cuttlefish symbolize the majesty of natural wonder that people are blessed to have.

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Calling for new definitions and frameworks, the editors have created a critical program for innovation studies with new avenues for future research.

Critique: Offering state-of-the-art discussion of theories, models, narratives and ideologies of innovation and alternative approaches, "Critical Studies of Innovation" will be an essential resource for scholars in technology and innovation, management, engineering, political and social sciences.

Bed bugs may not transmit diseases, but they can bite you and cause red and itchy welts.

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With the help of grandiose rhetorical techniques like metaphor, parallelism, simile, key words, amplification and outstanding verbal approaches, Upton Sinclair won the hearts of thousands people due to his heartfelt language of explicit nat...

They include peace, joy, love, a sense of freedom, and a sense of connectedness.

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We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature's inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind and tide. ... I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.