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Groups with autocratic leaders who promote their preferred solutions are more likely to fall into groupthink than groups with non-promotional leaders (i.e....

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- Revival of traditional culture has marked the recent history of the Nez Perce, described in the essay co-authored by Dr. Deward E. Walker, Jr. and Peter Jones, of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. One would be hard-pressed to find another group in the record of Northwestern history whose relations with the invading western peoples once promised so much, were played out as dramatically, or whose subsequent losses were as wrenching. Treaties, federal dicta and legal maneuvering reduced their holdings from 13,000,000 acres to 80,000 at one point, but they, too, have refused to disappear.

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- It is a view re-emphasized in the essay on the Coeur d'Alene of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana, written by Dr. Rodney Frey, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Idaho. Where ethnographies typically follow the pattern of describing a group's territory, environment, culture and history, isolating religion and mythology as sub-units within culture, Frey begins with mythology and religious teachings, and reiterates their importance throughout the narrative to modern times. "We survive by our oral traditions," he quotes contemporary elder, Henry SiJohn, "which are our basic truths, our basic facts, handed down from our elders."

Now listen. Who is reading? A parent? Grandparent? Sibling? Try to remember the voice. Is it quiet or loud? Soft? Animated?

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Many times people are promoted into leadership positions due to the longevity of their tenure with a company or how they perform in their current positions.

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Upon such gossamer threads are the greatest of speculations made. One is obliged to ask how Carmichael can prefer 2) and especially 3) to the wealth of evidence that is much closer to the source and has been proven quite reliable.

Or, are you reading to or by yourself? What sounds surround you? Are you aware of any as you read? Do you imagine any as you read?

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What book is being read? What does it look like? Feel like? Are the pages thick or thin? Are there pictures? What colors and images stand out? What does it smell like? Where did this book come from? How did you happen upon it? Did someone give it to you? Did you borrow it from the library? If you chose it, what attracted you to it?

The book is of great relevance to its readers, especially those in leadership positions or planning to become managers in future....

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At the age of 26, when I returned to New York after an inglorious stab at graduate work in medieval history on the frozen steppes of Chicago, I had a horrifying realization: I was illiterate. At least, I was as close to illiterate as a person with over 20 years of education could possibly be. In my stunted career as a scholar, I’d read promissory notes, papal bulls and guidelines for Inquisitorial interrogation. Dante, too. Boccaccio. . . . But after 1400? Nihil. I felt very, very stupid among my new sophisticated New York friends. I seemed very, very stupid, too. Actually, let’s face it, I was stupid, and it was deeply mortifying, as so many things were in those days. But I have since come to realize that my abject ignorance was really a gift: to be a literarily inclined illiterate at age 26 is one of the most glorious fates that can befall mortal girl.

Good leaders are continually working and studying to improve their leadership skills; they are NOT resting on their laurels....

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These characteristics are: clear and inspiring shared goals; a results driven structure; competent team members; unified commitment; collaborative climate; standards of excellence; external support and recognition; and principled leadership.