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Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?

Because it was part of an anime cafe held at my high school and it seemed interesting, although ironically I didn't like it on the first view.


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Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena? August two-thousand eight.2.

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(Interpret this question any way you want.)

While I agree with Riri that real brides aren't weak or negative, feel that in the context of SKU rosebrides do carry very painful, very stagnant connotations. I can see myself as one, because I constantly feel trapped by my desire to aid others at the cost of my real feelings or for the sake of companionship, all the while secretly hating or hurting them back in my own ways, or trapped by the roles and expectations society has for me as a woman, that come from both my family and America's gender norms and ideals for success. But I also feel driven to fight these same things and I can see myself as a duelist as well. Though because I am far from noble and often easily manipulated, I may be more suited for a role as a BlackRose Duelist...and characters in the show often played more than one part.

I don't say prince because I don't believe in them, though if I had it in me, I would aspire to be what Utena became, a Revolutionary.


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A biographical piece written by Claire Samuels for The Black Rose Blooms, one of the Central Park Media DVD releases, summarizes:

In 1982, Chiho Saito won a contest for new manga artists held by publishing giant Shogakukan. The company published her debut title Ken to Mademoiselle ("The Sword and the Mademoiselle"). Since then, more than 60 collected volumes of her work have been published and more than 10 million copies have been sold.

Famed anime director Kunikiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon) was impressed by her work on the manga serial Kanon. He picked her up to help design the look and feel of his new Revolutionary Girl Utena project, and to write and draw the manga version.

The manga Revolutionary Girl Utena was written by Be-Papas and illustrated by Chiho Saito.

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I hate to derail this thread even more but...

Saito did create the Utena manga before she joined up with the Be-Papas, so characters that appeared in that first volume are technically her creations. However, they vastly differ in personality and (in some cases) actual design. For example, Anthy has a white dress in the manga instead of the red we usual associate with her. She also has a much less witch-like personality In my opinion, the only semi-consistent characters from adaptation to adaptation are Wakaba and Utena (two characters originally created by Saito).

In addition, the Be-papas are a group. While we may say "Ikuhara this" or "Ikuhara that", Revolutionary Girl Utena isn't 100% undiluted Ikuhara.

As for something on topic! I enjoyed reading your essay thepopeami! I don't think I understood all of it (and as I type this message, an unread copy of Five Great Dialogues is mocking me). There's one thing that that bothered me though...

When characters refer to the "End of the World", the ends relate more to edges and limit than to starts and finishes. The phrase used in the original Japanese is 世界の果て romanized Sekai no hate. It makes the most sense as End of the World, but Boundary of the World could still be a viable but less direct and catchy translation. So, while I don't disagree with you that Dios could be the first man/creator of the world, Dios being the Beginning of the World because Akio is the Ends of the World doesn't make much sense.

ETA: Of course, my Japanese is sketchy at best so I could very well be wrong.

Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?Dear gods, I don't even effing remember.

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Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?
I live in New Zealand, and in 1998/1999 the only way I could lay my hands on anime in general was to have fandubs sent from the States.

Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?It was recommended to me by a friend of mine in New York in 2006.

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Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?

Many years ago, when I was just a young girl in love with Sailor Moon, I heard that Ikuhara (who had directed Sailor Moon R, arguably one of the best installments) had another project in which he had more control.

Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?When I was a freshman in college, which was -- wow, a long time ago...

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Why did you start reading/watching Revolutionary Girl Utena?

My lesbian friend recommended it to me, even though she barely knew what it was.