It was written by Rigoberta Menchu.

HIST 463 – Guide to reading I, Rigoberta Menchú: an Indian Woman in Guatemala by Rigoberta Menchú
Rigoberta Menchú is a young Guatemalan Quiche Indian woman who has risen to fame through the publication of a personal narrative chronicling the abuses perpetrated by the Guatemalan armed forces during the Guatemalan Civil War. Born on January 9, 1959, Rigoberta experienced many hardships, including losing her father and brother at the hands of the Guatemalan army. She was forced to leave Guatemala in 1981, finding safety in Mexico, and from there has worked to advance the rights of Latin America’s indigenous people. In recognition of her success, Rigoberta Menchú was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 for her work for the rights of indigenous peoples and reconciliation between ethnic groups.

Discuss Rigoberta Menchu and her devotion to ensure liberation.

David Stoll's research also adds information Rigoberta does not include in her testimony:

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In conclusion, though David Stoll argues that Rigoberta Menchú "romanced" her story to favor the guerrillas, an examination of his book and the evidence on this question reveals Stoll¹s position as a matter of narrow, unbalanced, and even bizarre interpretation. While Stoll raises issues that may be appropriate to take up in particular classroom contexts, given Menchú's and other scholars' responses to his arguments, and the minor points of factual disagreement that remain, it is, frankly, hard for me to see how David Stoll's book could have relevance to the vast majority of American teachers and students. An examination of the controversy it stirred up might, perhaps, be useful as a study of the mass media's fascination with personalities, character assassination, and its failure to address fundamental social, political, historical, and economic realities. In contrast is Rigoberta Menchú's testimony itself, still a most valuable classroom text and resource for encountering and exploring some of the most profound and disturbing realities of our time.

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Being suffocated by oppression, Rigoberta starts to move from suffering to struggle in an attempt to find a new way of life.
Her realization that she is not alone in her oppression brings her a sense of freedom.

The title of the document was I Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala.

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In considering the public controversy it is important to carefully examine the charges David Stoll has actually made. An attentive reading of Rigoberta Menchú and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans makes it clear that the initial press reports on Stoll's research were sensationalistic. While claimed that Rigoberta Menchú "fabricated," "seriously exaggerated," and told "one lie after another" in her testimonial, the surprising fact is that Stoll's research, on the contrary, actually serves to affirm the truth of Menchú¹s story in all of its major points, certainly those points that are most relevant to the vast majority of American teachers and students who have worked with Menchú's testimonial.

Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala

Following a great deal in her father’s footsteps, Rigoberta’s mobilization work, both within and outside of Guatemala, led to negotiations between the guerillas and the government and reduced the army power within Guatemala....

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As she makes friends with other Indians in other communities she realizes the common bonds they share, even down to the most basic such as what they eat, which comforts her and allows her to empathize with them.
Rigobertas intellect begins to flourish.

More men are experiencing an emotional distress from a bad relationship than women do....

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First of all it is said that Rigoberta Menchu claims that she never went to school but she actually has the equivalent of a middle school education which she received due to a scholarship and attended two prestigious private boarding schools that were operated by Catholic nuns, this was verified by her half-sister who also said that Rigoberta could have not spent eight months on coffee and plantation fields and wor...