Lee was a traitor to the United States and even lost his citizenship.

The dates with David and Anna Lewis don’t appear in the earlier versions of her story. Forexample, she told researcher Robert Harris that she and Lee double-dated with an old girlfriendof hers from high school and the girlfriend’s fiancé. The two got married in September of 1963. Harris grew suspicious of the story when Judyth could not recall the name of the woman, in spiteof their supposedly having been best friends in high school.

General Lee surrendered at Appomatox Court House on April 9, 1865.

Robert’s father was thrown in debtors jail many times for not paying on time.

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As of this writing, she is in the Netherlands, proprietor of a small museum/art gallery that bothsells her art and displays the artifacts that she claims connect her to Oswald. She continues to be very generous with her time with people interested in her story. She appears to be a womanwho cares more about being believed than about making money. But it is more likely that she’ll make some money off the unending fascination with the JFK case than that people familiarwith the historical record will believe her.

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Judyth’s compulsion to explain even trivial details sometimes helps her, as researchers search therecord and find that, yes, she is right about the detail she is “explaining.” But this compulsiongets her in trouble when she gets confused as to what her explanation . Consider, for example,the fact that Lee Oswald, on his to visit Mexico, listed his religionas “Catholic.” In fact, Lee was an atheist. Judyth had an explanation for this. In a newsgrouppost in July, 1999, she claimed:

Robert was accepted to the United States Military Academy and graduated 2nd in his class.

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Needless to say, the established historical record, and even the “historical record” as recounted inconspiracy books, provides no corroboration for this. It’s exceedingly unlikely that Lee, living inNew Orleans at age 15, would have met Ruby, who lived in Dallas. And Lee’s Uncle Dutz tooka decidedly negative view of his nephew in New Orleans in 1963, being put off by Oswald pro-Castro sympathies and his failure to get a job and support his family.

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Meaning, Marcello would deal a double dose of venom: if he could manage it,Marcello would time the very hour of his victory over Bobby Kennedy with JackKennedy’s assassination.

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, now released, show Banister not to have been any sort of CIAoperative. He was, at the time Kennedy was shot, a washed-up former FBI agent who dabbled inanti-Castro and racist politics and had a drinking problem.

Lee to take command of the United States Army to put down the rebellion.

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Sandra had silicone implants, which supposedly conveniently gave trouble aboutthe time, I think, that Garrison needed her in town the least. Off s/he went toNew York, and though s/he was a famous attraction, Mac [McCullough] said henever saw Sandra again and wonders if s/he is still alive.

Thus began the career of the Army of Northern Virginia which rose and fell with Lee's star.

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- Jefferson Davis research papers discuss the President of the Confederate States of America, the collection of states that seceded from the United States during the Civil War.

- Robert E. Lee Term Paper looks at the life of one of the military’s great commanders.

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Of particular note was Lee’s remarks that Carlos Marcello wanted to make surehis deportation trial (fueled by a personal vendetta run by Bobby Kennedy to kickMarcello out of the country for good) was going to end in New Orleans in hisfavor – the very day Kennedy visited Dallas. “Just to show how much power hereally has,” Lee told me, “he is going to time it to coincide with –” Lee broke off,but of course I understood.