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Robert Louis Stevenson is not only remarkable for the number of works he produced in his twenty-year literary career, but also for the range of genres he adopted: , , , and , as well as , and . Stevenson also composed . Within these genres, too, his output is remarkable for what Henry James calls his “constant variety of experiment”.

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Robert Louis Stevenson was born in 1850. He was an invalid as a child. Reluctant to study law but passed his exams in 1875. He loved travel, the Scottish weather being an encouragement. Treasure Island was published in 1883. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was his breakthrough work in 188...


THUS gallantly he appears in my mind’s eye when I pause in rereading one of booksand summon up a fantasm of the author, — Robert Louis Stevenson,gentleman adventurer in life and letters, his brown eyes shining in aswarthy face, his lean, long-enduring body adorned with a black-velvetjacket.

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