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It is my intention, then, in this essay, to document how Seamus Heaney’s reaction to violence in his homeland has affected his writings, with particular reference to the volume of poetry entitled “North”....

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We see that Seamus Heaney is trying to make sense of the horrors in Derry, his home county.

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In general, Roy Foster's reading of Seamus Heaney seems to have been carried out in less than ideal circumstances, or at times when he wasn't at his most alert. How else to explain such a puzzling claim as this, not so much the claim that North placed the poet in the conning tower as that this is 'the kind of image which would recur in Heaney's poetry. Or that 'meshes' is a word that Seamus Heaney loved. To give these examples, to go out of his way to give these examples, seems curious.

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The pietistic tone he adopts in his discussion of the poems is just as much in evidence in his discussion of the life. An example: 'Heaney wrote often of the sanctuary of the cottage at Glanmore in Co Wicklow that he and his family rented and later bought: a tranquil space for writing, but also a refuge from war.' Heaney has been criticized for his timidity in getting out of Belfast and going to live in a safer place. At the very least, Roy Foster's account is naive, as naive as it would be to write of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears living a tranquil life in the United States, after abandoning war-torn Britain. At the very least, Seamus Heaney's decision shown not a trace of moral grandeur, although I don't equate Belfast during the troubles with Britain during the Second World War. Northern Ireland was a very violent place, but there was never a war there.

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A S Kline's insights and arguments here are wide-ranging, including the comments on Baudelaire's relationship to Dante - very different, and very much more interesting, than Seamus Heaney's relationship to Dante, which amounts to more than cutting and pasting, but not very much more.

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In general, the errors are less blatant but important, evidence of a carelessness in his use of language which has to be set against his remarkable strengths. Some further instances of his carelessness, from poems not discussed in 'Criticism of Seamus Heaney's 'The Grauballe Man and other poems.'

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"Digging" is one of Heaney's earliest poems (published in 1966) but it's a good example of his work as a whole. The poem is devoted to the natural world, a sense of regional and family tradition, and is chock full of rhyme and other sound effects typical of a Seamus Heaney poem. So if you're looking for a good way to enter the wild (okay, not so wild) world of Seamus Heaney, this one's for you.

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'Mr Kenny said: “For us, Seamus Heaney was the keeper of language, our codes, our essence as a people”.' (Reported in 'The Irish Times' and innumerable other places.) The claim was misguided. In my pages on Seamus Heaney I show why he was unsuited to be a keeper of language, despite his gifts, and I also show why he was unsuited to be a keeper of Ireland's codes and Ireland's essence as a people. Politicians, such as the Taoiseach of the Irish republic, are no more suited to be 'keepers' of literary reputations and arbiters of literary value, although the reasons for the Taoiseach's claim may be understandable enough, in the circumstances.

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(Seamus Heaney, in ). Ondina parla in prima persona:He slashed the briars, shoveled up grey silt
to give me right of way in my own drains
and I ran quickly for him, cleaned out my rust.
He halted, saw me finally disrobed[…]
I rippled and I churned where ditches intersected near the river
He explored me so completely, each limb
Lost its cold freedom.