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a great wit, a greatcritic, and a great poet of a neighbouring nation: Montagurefers to Voltaire (1694-1778), the French writer, who attackedShakespeare's plays throughout his long career as barbarous andimproper. His essay "Of Shakespeare" was known in England througha translation of 1761.

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[2] Learning here is not confined to ecclesiastics, ora few lettered sages and academics; every English gentleman hasan education, which gives him an early acquaintance with thewritings of the ancients. His knowledge of polite literature doesnot begin with that period which Mr. de Voltaire calls . Before he isadmitted as a spectator at the theatre at London, it is probablehe has heard the tragic muse as she spoke at Athens, and as shenow speaks at Paris, or in Italy; and he can discern between thenatural language in which she addressed the human heart, and theartificial dialect which she has acquired from the prejudices ofa particular nation, or the jargon caught from the tone of acourt. To please upon the French stage, every person of every ageand nation was made to adopt their manners.

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During John Shakespeare's time, the British middle class was expanding in both size and wealth, allowing its members more freedoms and luxuries, as well as a stronger collective voice in local government. John took advantage of the changing times and became a member of the Stratford Council in 1557, which marked the beginning of his illustrious political career. By 1561, he was elected as one of the town's fourteen burgesses, and subsequently served as Constable, then Chamberlain, and later, Alderman. In all of these positions, the elder Shakespeare administered borough property and revenues. In 1567, he became bailiff - the highest elected office in Stratford and the equivalent of a modern-day mayor.

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[4] are representedno less obsequious in their address to their king than thecourtiers of the grand monarque. is made a mere sighing swain. Many of the greatest men inantiquity, and even the roughest heroes among the Goths andVandals, were exhibited in this effeminate form. The poetdignified the piece, perhaps with the name of an Hercules, but,alas! it was always that was shewn to the spectator. The editor of Corneille's works,in terms so gross as are hardly pardonable in such a master offine raillery, frequently attacks our Shakespear for the want ofdelicacy and politeness in his pieces: it must be owned, that insome places they bear the marks of the unpolished times in whichhe wrote, but one cannot forbear smiling to hear a critic, whoprofesses himself an admirer of the tragedies of Corneille,object to the barbarism of Shakespear's. There never was a morebarbarous mode of writing than that of the French romances in thelast age, nor which from its tediousness, languor, and want oftruth of character is less fit to be copied on the stage: andwhat are most the parts of Corneille's boasted tragedies, but theromantic dialogue, its tedious soliloquy, and its extravagantsentiments in the true ?

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Then there's the apparent disconnect between the life that William Shakespeare lived and the ones he wrote about. Anti-Stratfordians claim that Shakespeare's plays show a keen grasp of literature, language, court life and foreign travel — not the kinds of things that a small-town actor without a university education would be familiar with. As the Declaration says, "scholars know nothing about how he acquired the breadth and depth of knowledge displayed in the works." And so doubting scholars look to well-traveled writers and aristocrats — essayist Francis Bacon; poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe; theater patron Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford — as the more likely candidates.

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Still, if you think that not being able to find an appropriate Macbeth essay at constitutes a Shakespearean tragedy, take the dagger to your right marked "" and use it to plunge to the section of our site where YOU get to tell us EXACTLY what to write about!

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[9] Great indulgence is due to the errors of originalwriters, who, quitting the beaten track which others havetravelled, make daring incursions into unexplored regions ofinvention, and boldly strike into the pathless sublime: it is nowonder if they are often bewildered, sometimes benighted; yetsurely it is more eligible to partake the pleasure and the toilof their adventures, than still to follow the cautious steps oftimid imitators through trite and common roads. Genius is of abold enterprizing nature, ill adapted to the formal restraints ofcritic institutions, or indeed to lay down to itself rules ofnice discretion. If perfect and faultless composition is ever tobe expected from human faculties, it must be at some happy periodwhen a noble and graceful simplicity, the result of wellregulated and sober magnanimity, reigns through the generalmanners. Then the muses and the arts, neither effeminatelydelicate nor audaciously bold, assume their highest character,and in all their compositions seem to respect the chastity of thepublic taste, which would equally disdain quaintness of ornament,or the rude neglect of elegance and decorum. Such periods hadGreece, had Rome! Then were produced immortal works of everykind! But, when the living manners degenerated, in vain did anAristotle and a endeavour torestore by doctrine what had been inspired by sentiments, andfashioned by manners.