Modern forensic science has a broad range of applications.

Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Case Law and Forensic Science Case Law and Forensic Science The Frye Standard had been the base by which expert testimony was introduced in federal courts until the Supreme Court case of Daubert vs.

Math is a crucial aspect of any forensic science.

In history, the work of forensic scientists was performed by medical personnel.

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The function of forensic scientists is vital and helps in the determination of an accused person’s innocence or responsibility in a criminal activity (Siegel & Mirakovits, 2010). Their work may also eliminate the need to take a case to trial, thereby saving time and resources of the justice system. The judicial system relies on the evidence provided by the forensic technician to make cases in law courts; therefore, a person interested in this career should be detailed and cautious to maintain the integrity of the evidence. There are numerous job openings for forensic scientists, including employment at police departments, mortuaries, government agencies or working as an independent consultant.

One of the most important fields of forensic science is blood spatter analysis.
Science is the technology used to help forensic teams to analyze and solve crimes.

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To produce biological evidence that is admissible in court in criminal cases, forensic investigators must be well trained in the collection and handling of biological samples for DNA analysis. They should take care to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure that possible sources of DNA are well preserved and properly identified. As in any forensic work, they must attend to the essentials of preserving specimens, labeling, and the chain of custody and must observe constitutional and statutory requirements that regulate the collection and handling of samples. The Fourth Amendment provides much of the legal framework for the gathering of DNA samples from suspects or private places, and court orders are sometimes needed in this connection.

Hair samples can determine many things about a person or animal when collected from forensics.

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It must be emphasized that new methods and technology for demonstrating individuality in each person's DNA are being developed. The present methods explained here will probably be superseded by others that are more efficient, error-free, automatable, and cost-effective. Care should be taken to ensure that DNA typing techniques used for forensic purposes do not become "locked in" prematurely, lest society and the criminal justice system be unable to benefit fully from advances in science and technology.

People often misunderstand Forensic Science and believe it is much more capable than it really is.

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The scientific method is a world acclaimed procedure that is used by scientists as an investigation technique. This technique is used by scientists in their efforts of trying to investigated the natural and physical phenomena that are existent in the word we live in. when in the process of deducing a theory, humanistic flaws are bound to corrupt the end conclusions. This is due to the setting in of the human personal and cultural beliefs that are bound to influence the ending interpretations of the set hypothesis. To curb the flawing of the developed theory, the scientific method procedures are adopted with the integration of decisive factor and standard procedures. The person entitled in carrying out the scientific methods in forensics is known as a forensic examiner. He or she is properly skilled with the knowledge on how to apply the scientific methods in order to come up with professional conclusions that are free of flaws.