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Surely the entitlement to life puts too much weight on individualautonomy: If individuals must not die unless they wish to, then manytimid individuals may go on living (even miserably) simply becausechange and choice are difficult—and we will be forbidden frominterfering. Similarly, if individuals die according to theirwishes, then many impulsive, wayward, or demented individuals willkill themselves—and we will be forbidden from interfering here,too. By respecting the autonomy of individuals without limit, we risk causing much human suffering.

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In forty-three brief essays from the life of a philosopher, Charles Taliaferro 1 Divine Love in Ordinary Times--a theme of friendship and compassion from

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Isn't it important that wicked people die? Even if it's too extreme toconsider , isn't it at least beneficial thatthe wicked and the power-hungry won't last forever? Wouldn't it benightmarish if the worst oppressors in history were allowed to liveindefinitely — and isn't that just what the entitlement to lifemight ensure?

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Born the child of two immigrants who came here with nothing, only one possessing a college degree, the importance of a good work ethic was stressed by my parents from day one. Through their actions in their jobs and through the verbal lessons on life I began to get from the moment I could communicate, they set an example for me to follow, one of being proud of what I do, no matter what it was, and above all, to care about everything I do as if everything had a big impact. This meant that everything had to be done right and be done well. Undoubtedly, following their own advice carried my parents from their status as blue-collar immigrants who labored as a factory workers to white-collar citizens, one of whom owns his own business while the other works as a bank officer. Those ascensions from nothing only served as other examples for me to follow, examples that delineated the ability for a person to improve through effort.

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The right to live on one's own terms is a similar right, and we shouldall defend it regardless of the choices we've made for ourselves inthe matter: All people — the person who chooses not to be given CPRafter a heart-attack, the person who arranges to be kept onlife-support, the person who intends to live for the forseeablefuture, and the person who wants to die in a way they deem "natural"— can be united in supporting and protecting the right ofindividuals to choose for themselves how they will live and die.

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What's more, the entitlement to life is a fundamental human right,alongside others such as freedom of expression and freedom ofmovement. In modern society, we protect these freedoms for everyone— with certain exceptions. In the United States, the government doesnot protect speech that incites violence, and it prohibits freedom ofmovement for people in prison. The principle is that entitlementsshould be made available to all, while potentially allowing exceptionsfor extreme cases such as tyrants.