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However, what is not satisfactory in this explanation is how a level ofinflation and unemployment can be sustained at positive amounts. The microeconomic theory,after all, suggest that equilibrium will be reached and unemploymenteliminated. Positive unemployment can possibly be justified on the basis of frictionalissues (workers changing jobs, etc.), but positive inflation, as the equation aboveindicates, relies on a excess demand for labor.

A short essay on forecasting in economics and finance.

October 2013 A short paper on where we are.

October 2013 A short paper on where we are.

The ten year span from 1929 until 1939 is one of the worst episodes the United States has ever experienced; it held a great shortage in the money supply, massive unemployment, and despair and doubt for all of the people who lived through it.

I do think there was a run on repo and short term financing.

In sum, 's (1963)proposition was that inflation (rather, inflationary expectations) will have real effecton the economy by inducing people to move away from money and towards capital. James (1965) incorporated Mundell's proposition in hisfamous monetary growth model and obtained the result that inflation could have a influence on growth if it induced people to move away from money and towards capitalaccumulation. This effect of inflation and inflationary expectations on portfolio balanceshas since become known as the "Tobin-Mundell" effect and was used byJames (1975, 1993) and Bradford de Long andLarry (1986) to that price flexibility would draw theKeynesian unemployment equilibrium towards full employment. Namely, with deflation inducedby labor market conditions, the return on money increases and so, by deflationaryexpectations, agents will move from illiquid assets and towards money -thereby increasing money demand and pushing the LM curve to the left, reducing outputfurther. Thus, wage and price flexibility in unemployment situations could easily lead tomore as opposed to less unemployment.

An essay summarizing the threat of inflation from large debt and deficits.

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Technology and financial innovation means we can overcome the standard objections to "narrow banking." Some fun ideas include a tax on debt rather than capital ratios, the Fed and Treasury should issue reserves to everyone and take over short-term debt markets just as they took over the banknote market in the 19th century, and downstream fallible vechicles can tranche up bank equity.

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In fact, not many. The only thing highlighted by the introduction ofinflation was the effect on interest rates as outlined by Robert (1963) and Roy (1969). Mundell tackled the old Fisherian lawon the constancy of the real rate of interest, i.e. where r = i - where if inflation () rises, then nominal interest rate (i)will rise one-for-one to keep real interest rates (r) constant.(1936), of course, disputed Fisher'sassertion and (1930) himself was reluctantto make too much out of it empirically. Mundell (1963) advanced on them both by provingthat it was invalid in an type of model.

Long term deficits and short term debt leave us vulnerable to a run on the dollar and stagflation.

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Macroeconomics focuses on shifts in the business cycle, and the implications of these movements in economic growth, inflation, recession, productivity, budget deficits, trade deficits, and the value of our currency.

Here is a  of a short presentation given to the University Alumni Club in New York, October 2010.

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They would leave behind empty houses and the animals would generally die of starvation shortly after.

By 1350, the survivors of the plague began to realize their nightmare was coming to an end.

Contagion is nonsense, and short term debt is a big part of the problem.

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Today’s yuan weakness aside, this opinion from Morgan Stanley’s Hans Redeker will resonate with those who digested the main point made in – Not strong, not weak but stragegically benign. If China truly wants a strong yuan and the United States truly means to stand aside that effort, then the dollar, assuming market forces allow it, will probably continue weakening against the yuan – one big part of the puzzle that should translate in the months ahead to a positive for gold. And, by the way, potentially higher import prices and inflation. . . . .