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As you are going through the aging process your body and mind functions change, you have a slower reaction time, your eyesight gets worse, they have trouble hearing and you can have many other health related problems.
Should Elderly People be allowed to drive?
Signs that elderly drivers should not be driving anymore
They are on medications that could impair reflexes or senses.
They are having eyesight problems
They are losing their memory
They are losing their driving reflexes
If they are having many close calls on the road and just about getting into accidents
confusion while driving somewhere
Thinking the speed limit is too high
The resources available include:
Mature Drivers Refresher Course.

Should Elderly Drivers Be Allowed to Drive?

Some elders don't have people to drive them around so then they are stuck at home.

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When we are young and energetic, we are in a better position to drive for long and safely but when some people are getting aged, some limitations regarding poor eyesight, bad health and even bad hearing can force then to give up driving for good.
Old age is often considered to be the toughest phase of human life because it brings limitations and restrictions.

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Alas, among the takeaways of the guidebook are the great difficulties physicians have at this fraught moment, and how much easier it would be for them if the decision did not involve them. As it is, physicians must wrestle with laws that vary by state on a variety of issues: if and how elderly drivers are assessed differently than younger ones; whether it is mandatory or optional for doctors to report their concerns; how they are supposed to go about it and strike the right balance between confidentiality and safety; and whether they risk legal liability if, on the one hand, they alert the state authorities or, on the other hand, they keep silent and a subsequent accident occurs.

There are many resources available to help elderly people drive for as long as possible.

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I think it depends on the situation when you think about the age factor on when people are so called “adults”. For example drinking laws should be kept for older people whos bodies can handle it children however are still developing. But some things like driving.. a child the age of 14 or 15 or any age thats capable of driving should be allowed to drive , or dating people shouldn’t base a legal age and restrict people who care about each other to not be together. What ever the situation i think there is no certain age for when you become an adult its mind set and maturity .

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They need help with a lot of things and driving is one thing that they can do on their own.
What should be done about this?
There is a solution to elderly people being on the road and deciding if they should be.

Do you have any experience with elderly drivers taking driving tests? We’d like to hear your stories in the comments below.

Should Elderly People be allowed to drive

How can we make everyone happy in this situation?
Reasons why they should drive:
Elderly people are experienced drivers and in most cases it is their health that gets in the way of their ability to drive.

Not all but most elderly people drive under the speed limit which can be as dangerous as going over it.

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"By 2030, according to a conservative estimate, elderly drivers will account for 18.9 percent of all vehicle miles driven, almost triple the 1990 figure...

Also they should go for a physical checkup every year, if not more often, to make sure that they are in good health and are capable to drive.

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Dad and Mom were the ones who were pained to hand over their keys to you when you were a teenager, so having to worry about them driving is a major role reversal that can be devastating. But it’s all part of the senior care of our parents.