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A unique insight into the natural world, the environment and the amazing creatures that inhabit it.
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Red colobus monkeys would be among the primates most threatened by warming-induced leaf changes, a new study says.

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The video Six Degrees Could Change the World by National Geographic personally had a significant ..

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Six Degrees Could Change the World is the latest in a steady stream of documentaries to focus on concerns about the environment and global warming since Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Six Degrees , though, takes these concepts in a fresh, new direction and in now way, shape or form attempts to imitate Gore's film.

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Six thousand years ago, when the world was one degree warmer than it is now, the American agricultural heartland around Nebraska was desert.
National Geographic Channel and Samsung partner to raise global awareness of the impact of global warming in a worldwide cross-platform campaign.

Six Degrees Could Change the World (TV Movie 2008) - …

The inaction, combined with less nutritious food, could eventually cause mountain gorillas and African colobinesa€”a large group of species including colobus monkeysa€”to go extinct, the study predicts.
Korstjens and colleagues compared climate models with previously published data on primates' behavior, diets, and group sizes worldwide.
Based on the data, the team created global maps that show where primates exist now and where climate change is predicted to cause die-offs.

The film runs through the effect each degree in temperature change has on the world

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Examine the affects of global warming in Six Degrees Could Change the World on Nat Geo Asia.

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