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Despite this huge increase in interest in writing and a considerable amount of work on models of how people write (see e.g. and for L1 writing and for L2 writing), there have been relatively few models developed of the role of instruction in writing in a second language (; ). This is, at least in part, due to the multifaceted nature of writing. The term ‘writing’ refers both to an act and the result of that act. This immediately sets up two possible perspectives on acquiring writing: learning the process of composing and learning the form and organization of the product. But writing also has a social dimension and purpose, which can lead to other perspectives focussing on genre, voice, and audience (; ; ; ). There is overlap with reading skills in these areas: the reader is required to decode the formal and social aspects of the text where the writer is required to encode them.

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Assessment in writing should ask students to “demonstrate their membership in the community of fluent writers of [English]” (). It should reflect not only the stage of general linguistic proficiency of the student, but also their ability to use the forms appropriately within the social and professional conventions of writing in the target language. The assessment of students’ levels of proficiency in writing and of its change over time has been the subject of a considerable amount of recent research (see ). Assessment has tended to mirror instruction with new approaches to assessment accompanying changes in teaching.

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Our Writing Studio class pages allow you to manage your writing classes. Our system is similar to Sakai and Blackboard, but it's based on a different instructional metaphor. Instead of quizzes and exam tools, for example, we offer the ability to view and comment on student work. As a , you can create your own classes -- there's no need to request that a class be created. And adding materials is as easy as copying and pasting formatted text out of a word processing document.

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It is not only at the level of the sentence that language issues arise; cultural ideas about the organization of texts are also a topic of concern for ESL writing students and their teachers. If one accepts that cultural and language backgrounds affect writing behaviors and written products, then contrastive rhetoric could be defined as “the study of differences or preferences in the pragmatic and strategic choices that writers make in response to external demands and cultural histories” ().

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Instruction in the processes of composition has an effect on the students’ ability to reflect on their writing and to produce more effective and appropriate texts in the target language. , working with secondary school students, describes the effects of giving instruction in revision strategies to writers of English as a second language. He found that explicit teaching of these strategies had a measurable effect on the quality of the students’ final draft. reported on the effects of students learning to self-monitor their writing and to pay attention to the process and the organization of their writing. He reported improvement in the students’ ability to pay attention to the content and organization of their writing. found that teaching second language writers topical structure analysis to use as a revision strategy had a positive effect on the clarity of focus of the final texts. At a more general level, reported on the effects of EFL writing instruction on composing in both first and second languages. They found that the students used similar composing strategies in both their L1 (Turkish) and L2 (English) and that writing instruction in the L2 had a positive effect both on their writing processes and on their attitudes to writing in the two languages.