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Features such as video messaging or video calling are not used –because they are expensive, (you can get four regular texts for the price of one video message). Services such as instant messaging are used, but not by everyone. It usually depends whether the phone is Wi-Fi compatible, because otherwise it is very expensive to get internet off the phone network. As most teenagers' phones have Bluetooth support, and Bluetooth is free, they utilise this feature often. It is used to send songs and videos (even though it is illegal) and is another way teenagers gain songs for free. Teenagers never use the ringtone and picture selling services, which gained popularity in the early 00s. This is because of the negative press that these services have attracted (where the charge £20 a week with no easy way to cancel the service) and the fact that they can get pictures and music on a computer –then transfer it to their phones at no cost. Mobile email is not used as teenagers have no need; they do not need to be connected to their inbox all the time as they don't receive important emails. Teenagers do not use the internet features on their mobiles as it costs too much, and generally, if they waited an hour they could use their home internet and they are willing to wait as they don't usually have anything urgent to do.

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Teenagers are the most common group of society who can get artificial by the internet....

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The media has replaced parents’ jobs of teaching their children about life, and the media surrounds teens with mature themes which affect teenagers in a negative way.

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Every teenager has access to a basic computer with internet, but most teenagers computers are systems capable of only everyday tasks. Nearly all teenagers' computers have Microsoft office installed, as it allows them to do school work at home. Most (9/10) computers owned by teenagers are PCs, because they are much cheaper than Macs and school computers run Windows, so if a Mac is used at home compatibility issues arise.

Ferguson and colleagues from Texas A & M International University in the U.S.

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I know many of my friends who only use the internet for chatting and social media. Many of them stay worried about their followers and likes on Facebook. If they don’t get good number of likes on their pics, they get depressed. This is really worrying.

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There are certain rituals that take place during the teens such as socializing with friends in a place other than school, more responsibilities around the house and less juvenile relationships with members of the opposite sex....

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The Internet has brought many changes into our day to day life. Nowadays we can do things such as mailing, contacting, banking and communication much faster. Is this a positive or negative development?

Teenagers may often be tempted by friends, or being tempted by seeing other people using drugs.

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(Boyd,2008, Rheingold, 1993, Katz and Aspden) Teenagers are finding their identity in the world, they are the “myspace generation” (Livingstone, 2008) the internet has allowed them to connect with people from all over the world but do they choose to do that....

Approximately 75 percent of teens own cell phones and almost half of them are smart phones.

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Due to the significant amount of children being bullied everyday, the cyber bullying hotline offers many solutions to limit online harassment such as building a fun, interactive activities online, encourage students to report cyber bullying, and inc...

This has alarmed parents and had them convinced that their children have been wasting their time on the internet.

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On the other hand, I have used internet for help in my studies. It has helped me to get better grades in my exams. So, I believe it’s upon you how you use the technology.