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For me, this is a red flag that the writer either did not believe in the "haiku has two parts" rule or didn't stay with the rewrite long enough to solve the problem properly. Frankly, I see most punctuation as a cop-out. Almost any ku written as a run-on sentence (with or without its dash) can be rewritten so that the grammar syntax forms the proper breaks. Or the author forms places where the reader can decide where to make the break and thus, give the haiku additional meaning. From this philosophy, I view haiku with punctuation as haiku which perhaps fail to fit this basic form. Some writers, unable, or unwilling to understand the use of fragment and phrase will write the ku in one line. If the author has a well developed feeling for fragment and phrase, the grammar will expose which is which. In these cases, my feeling is - why not write the ku in the threelines it 'shows' by the way it sounds.

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Every year children dress up and put on plays about the famous story of the first Thanksgiving.

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The occasion of Thanksgiving has religious, historical and cultural origins, and is celebrated in many parts of the world in the same spirit of celebration.

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I spent the day with one of my best friend’s family off campus. I got to spend some time with my family, wishing each other happy Thanksgiving, but we don’t celebrate very much because it is more of an American holiday. Anyway, I’ve always said that being a townie is somewhat of a blessing, but during break, campus is a little scary. Reminiscent of a ghost town. But I had a great time feasting, playing games . . . we actually played Mario cart for about 4 hours. And then I found out that my friends had gotten me Wii for my birthday! AWESOME!

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break college essay Thanksgiving. Essays on personhood and foetal rights are my fave.

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Thanksgiving essays Thanksgiving is one of America's most treasured holidays and traditions

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you will stay away from sickness between Thanksgiving and winter break

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