It's in my top 5 beatlessongs easily.

(Beatles songs, even at that point, woulduse at least six chords, in contrast to the usual 3 or 4). I might alsopick "Things I Said Today" as a favorite -- that minor key progressionthat Paul uses stands in unusual contrast to the happy lyrics.

For the Beatles, it's one of the weakest albums of their career.

Some of the later albums are OK to listen through, but other acts tend to get priority these days.

Is it the greatest Beatles album of alltime?

I also think they are one of the most consistent band and that in my top 100 albums, The Beatles had the most contribution towards that with 6 albums (you could even argue 7 because I didn't include Past Master Vol.

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Songs like Tomorrow Never knows where it's based on a repetitive rhythm section and just based on one chord (C chord) but the Beatles kept it interesting by varying the atmosphere in the background.

Still, it is the Beatles, which makes it a morethan listenablre album, to stay the least.

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capitol records has 2 box swets of the brititshalbums like beatles '65 and all that plus classic albums live the oneshow in orlando, florida has a beatle marathon.

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John Lennon admitted that Help was his first truly honest and sincere song he ever written (by the way, I always believe that Help was an example of the rest of The beatles doing a hatchet job on a lennon composition.

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"Baby it's You" also doesn't do much for me either,especially since there's a much better version of it on "Live at the BBC." Asidefrom "Yellow Submarine" this is the only Beatles album I can't really sitthroughout, since it is pretty lightweight, and hasn't dated as well as the others.

The 12 best Beatles songs (yes, we dared to go there)

Lastly, although I would defend late period Beatles from accusation that they are fake and insincere (hell I think Paul McCartney gets way too much stick for that and he is just as emotionally resonant as John Lennon during his work with The Beatles), but I will not defend the pre-Help era Beatles of that.

Shit, even George contributes his first songs since

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Baby You're a Rich Man or I Am The Walrus(video)because within those songs you can hear the beatles going from best thingever & being promoted/morphing into pure light**from the final scene of a classic star trek episdodeThat's my rant & I will pester you no more !

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Even so, for years and years now this album has been at the very near top ofmy alltime favourite albums lists, and it certainly is my favourite Beatles.

Sure it has the most creative songs the beatles have ever managed to come up with, but this is like my fourth or fifth favorite beatles album.

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Overall, I love the Beatles but I disagree with the concept that they were a perfect band and that they release a series of perfect album (I don't think any band has achieved that feat so that's no disgrace).