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Members of the black community in the movie The Color Purple band together for spiritual, financial and social support during troubled times in a racist era....

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(The Color Purple movie) (column)  v109 (Tue, Dec 24, 1985):B3, col 4, 14 col in.

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While The Color Purple doesn’t ask think question directly it really causes its viewers to begin to wonder what it would have been like to live in the world that Alice Walker creates with her novel.

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Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane are two texts of feminism in which we find the theme of evolution among the life of the characters like Celie and Nazneen who, happened to highlight the oppression of women in universal phenomenon irrespective of caste, creed, culture and nation....

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To distinguish between these outcomes it is necessary to relate the novel to two Models (Historical and Empirical Data, Manners and Customs) of representation in the "real" and "alternative" worlds of The Color Purple....

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All of these views are illustrated proficiently in Alice Walker’s third novel, “The Color Purple.” Each one of these aspects had a lasting impression upon the ideals and notions of the time.

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One more thought about these "threat levels". They are discriminatory to color-blind people. I'm color blind and I fell oppressed because my government has a system as import as this "threat level warning system" but it ignores people like me. What, does the government think that color blindness is a weakness? Are they trying to get the color blind to be the fodder that stands in the way of an attack?

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In chapter 73, Shug says that she believes that it angers God if a person walks by the color of purple in a field without stopping to notice and admire it. In this statement, Shug summarizes her religious philosophy; to her, God is not some distant deity living on high, but a genderless, raceless being that wants people to appreciate and enjoy life. It is also significant that she chose the color of purple, for it is the color of royalty; and yet a really deep purple seems almost to be black.

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Although the critics agree to disagree about many aspects of this novel one thing is clear, The Color Purple affirms "the survival and liberation of black women through the strength and wisdom of others." (Draper, 1810) In Walker's personal view, the black woman's history falls into three stages; the woman su...

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Africa plays an integral role in The Color Purple because it shows that patriarchal oppression is a diasporic problem that affects black communities worldwide....

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The Color Purple, one of Walker’s most prized novels, sends out a social message that concerns women’s struggle for freedom in a society where they are viewed as inferior to men....