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Both Leo Tolstoy, in his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in his work, Notes from Underground criticize Modernization and its effects as a danger to society.

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The Death of Ivan Ilyich begins at the end, with his associates receiving the news of his passing.

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In the Death of Ivan Illych, the narrative begins with Ivan’s funeral. This is done to provide a very intimate view of the social group that Ivan occupied so that as the reader it is susceptible to critique. This is also done to establish contrasting attitudes toward the more unpleasant components to life, which is a major theme in the work. The artificial and shallow relationships are shown immediately with the self-interested behavior of his wife and his friends. This is intended to demonstrate how hypocritical his society was. It was also placed there to undercut the values that Ivan held onto his whole life.

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“The first thought of each of the gentlemen in that private room was the changes and promotions it might occasion among themselves or their acquaintances (38).” The story exemplifies how the society, which gave Ivan Ilych his values, the values to cherish the importance of promotions and not the importance leading a fulfilling life, can be devastating.

His father died at age 3 from a blood infection, but on his death bead requested that Ivan become the ruler of Russia when he turned 15.
It is this aspect of progress within modern society that negatively affects Ivan Ilych, Leo Tolstoy’s main character in The Death of Ivan Ilych....

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Q3. In Ira Byock's book Dying Well, Byock chronicles the painful process of watching his father die. At first, it was inconceivable to him that his father could pass away, and he met the first stages with a denial of the severity of his father's condition. "It was incomprehensible how all this could be lost" (Byock 1998: 5). This parallels the story of "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" by Leo Tolstoy, in which the title character first sees many doctors who give him conflicting diagnoses about his terminal condition and his family tries to ignore the fact that his condition is worsening, despite the treatment he is receiving. However, unlike Ivan Ilyich, Byock stresses that his father Seymour's life was a life 'well lived,' and his father ended his life surrounded by caring family members. Being with the dying person and tending to their needs, believes Byock, can be a powerful way to ensure that the dying process has a component of 'healing.'

However, Ivan Ilyich does experience flashes of insight. For example, he asks the peasant Gerasim to hold his legs to relieve his pain at times. Although this probably has no physical effect, instinctively Ilyich finds that Gerasim's compassion and matter-of-fact attitude towards illness and death is healing for him. He forms his first simple, human connection with someone else. Even though he is at first angry at his wife and children for their materialism, he dies forgiving them.

Ilyich is literally 'killed' by the house he has so carefully decorated -- he dies as a result of the accident he sustained while hanging curtains. However, after feeling anger about the way he is dying and the fact that someone who has tried to 'make it' in the world for so long must die, in death he finally comes to understand the meaningless nature of all of the things he has been striving for and can appreciate simple goodness and kindness. Although Ilyich may not have 'lived well' in the terms defined by Byock, at the very end he can be said to have 'died well' in the sense that he learned from the experience.

Death takes on an insidious persona as it eats away at Ivan Ilyich, a man horrified at the prospect of losing his life.

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How do (a) the stories associated with the Baal Shem Tov and (b) the biblical tale of Elisha in Damascus illustrate the spiritual journey undertaken by Ivan Ilych.

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Based on the ideas presented though The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman, and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, there...