Kite fighting is a perfect example of the caste system.

Because it turned out that Toor's truck was irreparable, the refugees departed in the tank of fuel truck. Before they left, Baba kissed the Afghani dirt and put some in his snuff box to keep next to his heart. Later, Amir awoke in the fuel tank feeling as though he was suffocating. He comforted himself with the memory of a spring afternoon he spent kite-fighting with Hassan. When they finally got out in Pakistan, they were thankful to be alive. Yet Kamal had suffocated on the fumes and died. In a rage, Kamal's father put the barrel of Karim's gun in his mouh and shot himself.

This also applies to the novel The Kite Runner.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is one example of a book including this topic.

In The Kite Runner, Hosseini shares Amir’s journey to atonement.

The guilt of his choice plagues Amir for the rest of his life, until one day, he gets a call from an old uncle, who tells him that “there is a way to be good again.” (2) The Kite Runner follows Amir on his odyssey to redeem himself for his hurtful actions....

Hosseini has already made himself a success with The Kite Runner.

This first stage is given our highest priority and will be directed toward the village families and children of the young and old who live in extreme poverty by and around these waterways that run throughout the province of the Borg local government outside capital city of New-Bussa....

One has the fighter who attacks other kites, and the runner who chases he fallen kites....

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In his book The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini uses kites to bring out the major themes of the novel in order to create a truly captivating story of a young boy’s quest to redeem his past mistakes.

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The author Khaled Hosseini who wrote this novel The Kite Runner tells the story of a man who wants to make up for all the wrongs he did throughout his life.

The Kite Runner was written by Khaled Hosseini and published in 2003

Amir and Soraya's traditional courtship creates a little Afghan oasis in the confusion of America, which Baba and the Taheris greatly appreciate. As immigrants, even "former ambassadors, out-of-work surgeons, and university professors" are reduced to selling used goods at the flea market. Baba is a gas station worker and General Taheri a welfare recipient, in the matter of their children's courtship they feel like important Afghan men again. They are able to live in this reverie until Baba's diagnosis. From that point on, Amir must watch his father go from a strong, almost legendary figure to a shrunken, weak ghost of his former self. As though to add insult to injury, the cancer spreads to Baba's brain, the source of his intelligence and his trademark unapologetic opinions. In getting married, Amir restores Baba's dignity by showing him how much he is needed. Amir needs Baba to go khastegari, to give word at lafz, and to sit with him at the awroussi. Even in his pain and weakness, Baba feels good again because he has an important role to play. Seeing Amir and Soraya's traditional courtship and wedding also reassures Baba that Amir will not forget where he is from after Baba dies.

For Amir and Baba, from The Kite Runner, it is physically difficult and finically difficult....

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Through Amir's relationships, The Kite Runner shows the true role of a friend to point and guide us even when we don't agree; total devotion can ruin not only a friendship, but a life....

The Kite Runner takes us on the journey of life as an immigrant through the eyes of refugee Amir.

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The author of The Kite Runner uses indirect characterization to show Amir’s transformation during his “Heroic Journey” by showing traits that reveal his personality, rather than directly telling us.

He debuted in the year 2003 and released his book called “The Kite Runner”.

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In Khaled Hosseini’s book The Kite Runner he uses a kite to symbolize tradition, differences in social classes, friendships and guilt to show how not standing up for others can negatively affect the rest of a person’s life.