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Essay writing on republic what about essays are you passionate day in kannada language packet answers life of the birthday happiest day essay my proposal essay introduction jobs 4-2-2009 · The happiest day in my life It was Prize-presentation Day.

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Essay life of the birthday happiest day essay my on the happiest day of my life my birthday.

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In your essay, tell what happened that made it so wonderful Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge Over the course of my life, I have experienced many days of happiness

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We all have a clown inside of us. We need to let it free and not be surprised at the magic it can create. For eight months I had made a fool of myself, and those people must have enjoyed the smiles I gave them, because on the happiest day of my life they had shown their appreciation.

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My happiest moment in my life s......for my 20th birday my dad presented me a new smart phone surprisingly dat day i was so exited....i cant forgt dat day in my life,dat was my first suprise gvn by my dad..

I still remember that day as one of the happiest days of my life

When I was first asked the question, I was frankly puzzled. Is there any such day? It is possible to have one in a life like mine, bound by routine, punctuated by the performance of duties-most of them unpleasant, – varied only by adventures which are a private treasury of pleasing memories, not incidents to be gloried in. these thoughts rambled through my mind, as I alternately scanned a blank horizon and dived into a chaos of memories. And then it flashed through my mind: of course, there is such a day which yet lives as the happiest in my life. It was the day when I learned that I had passed the school final examination. Strange I should have forgotten it, for was I not in the habit of recalling the joyousness of that day wherever a pleasant thought was wanted.

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And yet, as I recall that red-letter day, I ask myself if indeed I should have been so happy, had I been, wiser, I would have seen a through the hollowness of that joy, and assessed my first academic success not as a passport to fame, but as a forerunner of much tears and gnashing of teeth. How much better were the days when there were no public examination, to depress, no career to think of, no future to anticipate. This is, of course, getting wise after the event. But still, the fact remains: I knew not what happiness really meant till I felt it on the day I passed the school final examination.

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My happiest moment of my life when I passed 10th because that I completed first steps of my life. That day my dad presented me a new laptop. I was so exited I can't forget that day in my life

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It was the happiest day of my life

the happiest movement is change to person to person and time
to time, as far as regarding my happiest movement is
concerned when i completed my high school, it is definitely
an unforgettable movement for me all my family members was
waiting my result, it was just momentum movement,