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Bringing 7 years of experience as Assistant Director of Bands with the Harrisonville School District, Adam Twenter will serve as an Instrumental Music teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education in Instrumental Music from Central Missouri State University.

The Rebelution 4 Oct 2006 The Room: by Joshua Harris

“The Room” was actually written by speaker and author Joshua Harris and is ..

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Intermediate School
5th Grade – Superintendent’s (3.8 – 4.0)
Logan Bailey, Collin Brockman, Jasmine Brown, Ethan Campbell, Kylie Campbell, Truman Cartner, Nicole Clap, Katie Clay, Catherine Davis, Austin Dinges, Kaitlyn Ewing, Jacey Faust, Tanner Graves, Jaden Greenwood, Diedra Gross, Paige Hicks, Jordan Hoerl, Ashlynn Keilholz, Emily Kerchner, Emma Kirchhoff, Ramsey Kohler, Megan Kurle, Sydney Lamborn, Bethany Larkins, Jaggler Lawler, Dayton Little, Austin Long, Julia Longmeyer, Hailey McCommon, Angela McCormick, Savannah McIntosh, Abigail McKee, Maycie Meaders, Aidan Moore, Julia Moore, Calee More, Emily Perisho, Wyatt Perkins, Garrett Pierce, Alexandria Prosser, Jayden Reyes, Abigale Rice, Kyleigh Roe, Carson Shoop, Dawson Sivils, Parker Snow, Nicole South, Amos Springer, Thomas Swilley, Megan Swinney, Cole Swofford, Wesley Tibai, Sayler Todd, Margaret Tribble, Sarah Watson, Morgan Wehner, Rileigh West, Alexis White, Morgan Wilhite, Rachel Wilhoit, Grant Williams, Grant Wilson, Samantha Woods.

5th Grade – Principal’s (3.79 – 3.50)
Madalyn Allen, Brandon Baker, Jackson Barnes, Ethan Beagle, Daria Bennett, Mikayla Blevins, Christian Bowman, Andrew Brownsberger, Patrick Brunell, Grace Chambers, Lee Chrisman, Hayden Cox, Braylee Davis, Desmond Ewing, Dalton Francy, Clay Froehlich, Katlyn Goldston, Lawrence Graham, Samuel Gray, Jeffrey Hatfield, Hanah Hocker, Angeleena Hook, Natalie Hopkins, Shyann Jellison, Blaine Kleyh, Kathryn Maasen, Michael Maasen, Audrey Mann, Christina Mooris, Mikayla Ollison, Colin Paris, Sierra Powell, Tanner Reffitt, Madison Roeder, Carly Rogers, Shirley Salcedo, Simon Scott, Caleb Shepard, Julias Sias, Lily Spear, Austin Tye, Eli Vanatta, Miguel Venegas, Dylan Watterson, Brylee Wells, Alec Wheeler

5th Grade – Honor Roll (3.49 – 3.0)
Abigail Baker, Caleb Bowman, Conner Bracken, Mariah Brattin, Paul Breeze, Lane Burgess, Mithcell Coon, Hunter Davis, Tristin Davis, Emmelia Dinges, Alexis Early, Chance Elam, Jade Feeler, Brittany Foley, Katelynn Gardner, Abigail Gieschen, Cody Henry, Reid Howell, Kya Jenkins, Jeremyah Knapp, Victor Leiker, Trenton Long, Dante Lopez, Samuel Markham, Meghan May, Rianna McClendon, Dakota Middleton, Nathaniel Mosqueda, Brittany Quinn, Nicholas Rahe, Rain Ruth, Colton Snyder, Michael Tyler, Kaitlyn Wilson, Mariah Younce.

6th Grade – Superintendent’s (3.8 – 4.0)
Jeffrey Aguilar, Daniel Albin, Chloe Bloom, Marissa Bowman, Sydney Bunch, Morgan Carlile, Aaron Chen, Trey Clevenger, Dawson Ferdig, Amber Gerken, Faith Griggs, Kirsten Gross, Anastasia Hanes, McKenna Hanover, Sophia Harvey, Kayleigh Hitchcock, Shelby Jack, Miranda Kelley, Corey Kelly, Grace Kenyon, Danielle Lichte, Adelynn Link, Taylor Markham, Emma Mueller, Cameron Parker, Ali Ray, Grace Riley, Marianne Riley, Garrett Schick, Joe Sosko, Taylor Stith, MsZayah VanZant, Stewart Watson, Halee Werner, Megan White, Cierra Williams, Saylor Zurcher.

6th Grade – Principal’s (3.79 – 3.50)
Laura Allee, Trace Armstrong, Blake Atkins, Macey Barker, Katherine Bauer, Dylan Berry, Michael Blaine-Untermeyer, Nathan Bledsoe, Sierra Bowman, Wyatt Bramwell, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kennedy Burton, Brandon Byrd, Roman Carr, Derrick Cretel, Zoe Crockett, John Dagley, Delaney Davis, Joshua DeVaul, Mackenzie DiMarco, Hunter Foote, Allie Gerken, Jakob Hammond, Reagan Harrison, Mitchell Hayes, Madeline Helms, Gaberiel Hodge, Trisha Kiger, Brittany Marshall, Emma Marshall, Madison McDaniel, Bryce McGinnis, Cydney Metzger, Sarah Miller, Madelyn Phipps, Matthew Pritchett, William Pryor, Sally Riffle, Haylie Rouchka, Taylor Ryerson, James Schoenfelt, Taylor Shewmaker, William Toler, Cassandra Waddle, Christina Wait, Mason Waugh, Luke Winkler, Samanth Yokley.

6th Grade – Honor Roll (3.49 – 3.0)
Michael Abney, Andrea Allen, Vincent Anderson, Averee Brattin, Brooke Brinkoetter, Beau Brown, Garrett Canaan, Emily Chace, Kaitlyn Clevenger, Kathleen Cortinas, Shawn Cummings, John Edenburn, Julia Edmonds, Jaeden Grego, Spencer Gussman, Tyler Hagan, Audree Holloway, Mazen Jackson, Zachariah Ketchum, James Lowe, William Markham, Joshua millard, Nolan Miller, Maragh Newberry, Adrian Sanders, Keegan Slaughter, Katlyn Smith, Sean Spangler, Devin Vestal, Austin Warren.

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I am Native American and I have friends that tell me not to whistle at night because apparently, that calls ghosts and such. Well, I always whistle the Kill Bill song…and just the other night I heard that same whistle. My partner also hear it a couple of weeks back also. That same night, I woke up to unplug my phone charger by the bed on the floor. The next morning, my partner woke up looking for it by the bed but as it turned out…it was beside me where I was sleeping. We also caught a quick scent of cigarettes during that day. Could something be bothering us?

In fact the syphilitic Earl and the elderly doctor, even together, are no match for the tall and magnificently developed harlot in a trial of force.
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* * *Charles Lamb, On the Genius and Character of Hogarth (1811).Online version of Charles Lamb's famous essay, "On the Genius and Character of Hogarth; With Some Remarks on a Passage in the Writings of the Late Mr.

The Room Joshua Harris "Finally He turned and looked at me from across the room. He looked at me with pity in His eyes. But this was a pity that didn't anger me.

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I'm normally not one to believe in ghosts…or religion for that matter, but lately i've been getting a strong feeling of a ghost's presense. It's kind of hard to explain, and I feel really ridiculous trying to talk about with other people about it—but I'm beginning to get really worried. I seem to only feel the presense of this ghost whenever I'm in my room (usually resting), and between the hours of 7-10pm. Whatever it is, it's not friendly. It's happend to me three times since the beginning of the year—usually the room gets slightly colder, I hear a slight ringing, and then I almost feel paralyzed – unable to move or call for help. It's then that I feel as though something is touching me, sometimes it feels as though something is pulling the blankets over my head, or just lying next to me. If that's not weird enough – I can also hear it. By that, I mean I can actually "hear" the blankets moving towards my head or someone's obvious presence next to me. No one close to me has died recently, and I can't figure out why I'm the only one in my house to experience this. Please help.