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This same routine of verbal assault went on through my teens, and into womanhood. They shaped my mind, spirit, and vision. When I looked in the mirror I really did see that stupid, lazy girl my father saw.

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“Through the One-Way Mirror.” Marianopolis College ENG-101 Introduction to College English C.

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If you like dancing, you can dance anywhere, standing in front of the mirror alone, out at a party with friends, or in a dance studio. The only requirement is to have fun and let your mind and body run free. Dancing to express myself is my favorite way to dance; in any emotional state I am able to show my feelings through movement. One of my favorite dances is a dance I choreographed for a school fundraiser, my senior year of high school. The dance was an upbeat performance full of energy with a mix of songs and different types of movement for a group of six girls. Throughout the whole five-minute dance we were all full of energy running, spinning and jumping around the stage non-stop until at the end we all collapsed. When I was on stage I couldn’t stop smiling and continued dancing seeing my friends and family in the audience, so proud of me. After I finished the dance, even though I should have been exhausted, my adrenaline was pumping. This is the way I feel after every time I perform on stage.

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In response to her doctor’s gentle questions, Lucy described a set of behaviors and associated fears. Objects needed to be in order to protect me and her father from unspecified deaths. The sliding mirrors on the bathroom medicine cabinet had to be lined up just right, or a witch would jump out of the wall. She had to be sure her dolls’ eyes were closed or her stuffed animals’ faces turned away when she went to bed, or they might kill her in her sleep.

If that happens, hopefully I will look into my mirror one morning and feel like I know and appreciate the whole person who is smiling back at me.

When I looked in the mirror I really did see that stupid, ..

Through analysis of “Through the One-Way Mirror,” it can be concluded
that Atwood thoroughly question Canada’s identity and explores
possible reasons for this problem.

In the beginning, I tireless rehearsed speeches in front my bathroom mirror for hours in the hope of becoming a more confident and better speaker.

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The mirror stage into which a song or comic book propels a subject is a temporary and repeatable experience: a moment of "losing oneself" – or more to the point, finding oneself – in the textual encounter. In being interpellated through one of these authors in the others' work, a reader is plugging into a role for the gaze of the author of the text in question, as by definition Gaiman appears in Amos's songs as she perceives him, and vice-versa. This means that, for example, an ideal listener to Amos's music identifies Gaiman as her or his own reflection, and the temporary act of aspiration to this Ideal-I (Gaiman as seen and indeed presented by Amos) is a performative one for Amos's gaze. It is part of bringing oneself fully in synch with the text and its author. Žižek says of identification,

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Is it a common household one-way mirror or is it a two-way one

The most important metaphor is that which calls the Canadian
people “Porky Pigs” (Atwood 81) who are being mesmerized by the
Americans through this “one-way mirror”(81).

Sometimes called see-through, surveillance, transparent or one-way mirror

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It becomes almost an obsessive relationship between the mirror and the women because she looks to the mirror for comfort only to confronted with the truth about your youth wasting away....