The war finally ended with the Treaty of Versailles.

There are also other countries which the Treaty of Versailles had an impact on, and the affect that the treaty has had on them can also be assessed....

The treaty of Versailles was signed between Britain, France and USA.

Even Though it ended this war the treaty of Versailles was hated by many American and Germany.

Woodrow Wilson defending the Treaty of Versailles.

Hitler blamed the German politicians for signing the Treaty of Versailles as he thought Germany could have avoided it and the problems it presented Germany with.

The Treaty of Versailles was meant to stop future wars.

In order to determine the fairness of the treaty it is important to, in Germanys' case especially, consider the Treaty of Versailles in economic, military, territorial and colonial terms.

The Document that the allied forces all gathered to sign was known as the Treaty of Versailles.
The Treaty of Versailles was intended to be a peace agreement between the Allies and the Germans.

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The evidence shows that it was this treaty’s influence on Adolf Hitler that led to the Versailles Treaty’s ultimate failure and provoked the start of the next world war....

I personal think that the Treaty of help with essays assignments Versailles was.

To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles a fair treaty

the Treaty of Versailles When the peace processes were to start after the finishing of World War One, there were four people who were major components in the treaty of Paris: Clemenceau, George, Orlando, and Wilson.

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Known as the Treaty of Versailles, its goal was to restore a new nationalism throughout the world by creating new states and forming new boundaries....