The trip is going to take forever....

The Fall 2017 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly (ESQ) is now available. ESQ continues the focus on events from 1967, with Peter Reum's article on The Beach Boys' trip to Honolulu, HI in late August 1967 and the aborted Lei'd In Hawaii album, as well as Ian Rusten's reflective evaluation of the group's touring dynamic during that time. Brian Wilson and Mike Love share comments on the trip to Hawaii. Dean Torrence's interview about Jan & Dean's original (long-lost) Filet of Soul album is included, as well as in-depth interviews with Carnie and Wendy Wilson on the 20th anniversary of The Wilsons album.
ESQ's Summer 2017 edition on The Beach Boys' Smiley Smile album features new interviews with Brian Wilson and Mike Love, as well as archival interview content from Al Jardine and engineer Steve Desper. Articles from Peter Reum, Malcolm C. Searles, and Craig Slowinski are also included.
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And because of this, my most memorable trip is the trip to Hua-Hin.

We were going to the camping grounds in the redwoods near Mendocino....

The trip took 8 days to complete.

41. When that moment hits that you're not going to finish your 3-meat combo and will be taking home leftovers, lay off the pulled pork. Better to save it for the doggy bag, since it's the most forgiving when reheated.

I am thrilled because I am going to the theatre to see a play.

Today PigTrip turns eleven. If continuing the site on a sporadic basis beyond the first ten years was the goal (and it was), I succeeded. But I'm incredibly disappointed that I haven't posted more reviews and more opinion. Part of the drought is due to being busy, but a big part is also procrastination. I'll never duplicate the prolific pace of eight to ten years ago, but I want to post moreby posting less. By that, I mean that I'm no longer going to worry about trying every menu item and comparing quality over umpteen visits. Not posting a review of (Cambridge MA) after 20 visits is inexcusable. With a few exceptions for the more important joints (like ), the reviews will be shorter, more to the point, and involve fewer visits. And if I forget what the cole slaw tasted like, I'll either say so or be brief, and not keep you waiting to tell you about the ribs and brisket that I do remember.

When we get to the campground I know that we were going to have a great time.

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The following morning, my mother informed me of the good news: That I would be going to Florida for two weeks, and that I would accompany my friend’s family.

One of my most memorable experiences in Asia was my trip to the doctor....

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I visited the newer northern outpost (the original is in New Rochelle) on the second weekend of 2017, trying them for lunch. Wings were excellent, with recognizable smoke, a strong rub that had Asian accents along with the more traditional ingredients, and a light agave glaze that added sweetness that fit well into the bigger picture. They'd easily make the next PigTrip Wings List and could quite possibly land in one of the top few slots. A pulled pork sandwich was more humdrum. Full disclosure: the kitchen staff noticed my phototaking and insisted I try small samples of some other items, like a couple slices each of pork belly, sausage and skirt steak, along with a rib. The freshness/quality of these items varied, with the ribs bringing up the rear (it was, after all, barely noon), but the sausage was impressive and the pork belly (more of that Asian-influenced rub) was outstanding. A recent second visit nearly duplicated the wings experience and improved an actual order of ribs, which came in a little overtender, crisp and lightly sauced. Fries were as potatoey as any I've had, so I had way too many.

I ran to the bathroom because I knew exactly what was going to happen....

Another awesome vacation I had was my trip to ..

Two new 1967-era Beach Boys collections has been released in digital format on Dec. 8, as companions to 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow, released earlier this year. 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions includes more sessions from Smiley Smile, Wild Honey, and the abandoned Lei'd in Hawaii albums. 1967 – Live Sunshine contains live recordings from five 1967 concerts, for a total of 109 tracks. . (updated 12-8-17)

Like any other normal day, people were going about their day-to-day business.

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On a day to day basis Mr Campbell has to create a letter about parent evenings for the trip, permission slips, dietary and medical requirements and remaining money....