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Dylan Thomas
shows in Under Milk Wood that he is Able to write in the opaque poetic
style but is also able to contrast this with other popular styles.

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We propose to contrast this style with others that areused in Under Milk Wood.

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Dylan Thomas wrote many short stories, an uncompleted novel called Adventures in Skin Trade, the radio play called Under Milk Wood, three prose dramas, and many film scripts.

Dylan Thomas' style in Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood
Dylan’s famous ‘play for voices’ was first published in book form in 1954, and has never been out of print.

The piece called 'Under Milk Wood' was finished just short of a month before he passed away.
Under Milk Wood uses throughout the play anopaque and poetic style giving the listener an impression of fluencyand flowing.

Under Milk Wood - The Life and Work of Dylan Thomas

§ 9. Nor indeed can we rank and sort things, and consequently (which is the end of sorting) denominate them by their real essences, because we know them not. Our faculties carry us no farther towards the knowledge and distinction of substances, than a collection of those sensible ideas which we observe in them; which, however made with the greatest diligence and exactness we are capable of, yet is more remote from the true internal constitution, from which those qualities flow, than, as I said, a countryman’s idea is from the inward contrivance of that famous clock at Strasburgh, whereof he only sees the outward figure and motions. There is not so contemptible a plant or animal, that does not confound the most enlarged understanding. Though the familiar use of things about us take off our wonder; yet it cures not our ignorance. When we come to examine the stones we tread on, or the iron we daily handle, we presently find we know not their make, and can give no reason of the different qualities we find in them. It is evident the internal constitution, whereon their properties depend, is unknown to us. For to go no farther than the grossest and most obvious we can imagine amongst them, what is that texture of parts, that real essence, that makes lead and antimony fusible; wood and stones not? What makes lead and iron malleable, antimony and stones not? And yet how infinitely these come short of the fine contrivances, and unconceivable real essences of plants or animals, every one knows. The workmanship of the all-wise and powerful God, in the great fabric of the universe, and every part thereof, farther exceeds the capacity and comprehension of the most inquisitive and intelligent man, than the best contrivance of the most ingenious man doth the conceptions of the most ignorant of rational creatures. Therefore we in vain pretend to range things into sorts, and dispose them into certain classes, under names, by their real essences, that are so far from our discovery or comprehension. A blind man may as soon sort things by their colours, and he that has lost his smell, as well distinguish a lily and a rose by their odours, as by those internal constitutions which he knows not. He that thinks he can distinguish sheep and goats by their real essences, that are unknown to him, may be pleased to try his skill in those species, called cassiowary and querechinchio; and by their internal real essences determine the boundaries of those species, without knowing the complex idea of sensible qualities, that each of those names stand for, in the countries where those animals are to be found.

He is also famous for writing the ‘play for voices’ Under Milk Wood, and the collection of stories, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog.

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