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Volunteering also allows one to become more mature at a relatively younger age. When you are exposed to volunteering at a young age be it at the home front, school or their organizations, you would learn the importance of responsibility in carrying out your duties to the best of your ability. Embarking on volunteer activities would enable one to learn survival skills such as responsibility, ability to express ideas as well as the importance of hard work and diligence.

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In many organizations, the work of volunteers plays an essential role in effective organizational performance, and thus their training and development are as important as that of paid staff....

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As a new southern-born volunteer coordinator at a historic site in Pennsylvania, I felt it was important to connect with my volunteers and make them feel comfortable with me. So for our recognition event this year, I held a "Southern Comfort" reception which included southern-themed decor, homemade southern desserts, sweet tea, even hand-cranked ice cream! Favors were bandanas and beautiful folding fans (period correct so they can use them on tour!). This way we could all have a good laugh (they love the accent), good food, and they can get to know me while still having a fun time.

These volunteering experiences further opened my eyes to the needs of my community and the many opportunities to serve by volunteering.

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I just thought I would share this simple idea. I needed a small thank you for volunteers who completed a big project we were working on. Since our budget is VERY little I wanted something small that would fit in a thank you card and send in the mail. So I found recipes for making a drink/dessert using those Crystal Light "On the Go" packs. I attached them to a card that said "Thanks for contributing to our success. Have a treat on us!" I got the Raspberry Ice flavor and found a recipe for a Double Raspberry Float. I gave them directions to mix the packet with a bottle of water and then pour over 1/2 c raspberry sorbet. I attached them to a small drink umbrella or you could use those squiggley straws or drink swizzle sticks. Hope this helps!

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Our volunteers are youth 15-29 years old. Many of our volunteers resign their positions to go onto school or full time work. In order to recognize these volunteers and to say "thank you" for their work during their time with us, we send them off with a care package. The items are "wrapped" in a reusable plastic container. The items within are tailored to the journey the volunteer will be pursuing. For example, one volunteer was leaving us to go to the West Coast. In her container, we included a small clay pot and forget-me-not seeds to plant in her new home, a wooden spoon to help her make nutritious meals, a scented candle to light her way in her new path, and the container itself to carry valuables in from one home to another. Writing small notes on each gift explained the meaning behind each one. All this for under $10; and her smile and appreciation was priceless.

Volunteering had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember; therefore finding a new organization to volunteer with was important to me.

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I coordinate an AmeriCorps Program in Texas and our members/volunteers tutor and mentor at-risk. For National Volunteer Week we are sponsoring an essay contest. The theme is "What Does My Mentor Mean To Me" We are going to post these essays on the program listserv and prizes will be awarded for the top three essays.

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This year we made a volunteer Christmas tree. We took a picture of each one of our 200 volunteers and scrapbooked the pictures onto a 3" x 6" strip of stiff paper. We punched holes at the top for string and hung them on the tree. The tree was present for our Christmas recognition event and then transferred to the main lobby of our facility for the rest of the Christmas season. It drew a LOT of attention and was quite the conversation piece. It was a beautiful tree and quite awe-inspiring. We will make this an annual project, so kept the pictures on file to be used again. Taking the pictures was a huge project and that is why we will go through the photos every year to update as needed.

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We tried to send a response to this e-mail but received an "address unknown." So it occurred to us, why not post it! I really appreciated your recognition ideas, and am hoping you can help me a little further. I work in the Minnesota Zoo's volunteer department and several of our volunteers are about to pass the 20 year milestone. We're looking for a great gift item for them for under $40. Do you have any ideas? What do other agencies do? Any ideas would be helpful. Here are some responses: Can you dedicate an exhibit that started when they did? Or make a "Walk of Fame" and put their names on bricks? How about choosing 20 long-lived animals and naming them for the volunteers? Plant a tree in an exhibit and create a "Grove of Volunteering". Dedicate part of your re-education area in their honor and put up a plaque with their names listed. It's SO EASY when you start looking inside the organization - after all, they've spent 20 years working for the zoo, what better way to reward them than to make them truly a "part of it" by dedicating something in their honor? (P.S. Also cheaper than finding a gift that's appropriate, cheap, and suits the organization's mission too!) It's always easier thinking up ideas for someone else's programs!